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    CASE M35C valve sections

    I'm not sure I've seen another model number on the hoe. So it's from a 580C? That helps big! So much for "Mr SEE"... Have had 7 of them and for some reason always thought was from a 580k. Thanks guys
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    CASE M35C valve sections

    Thanks for the responses. Get spoiled finding everything with search engines... Actually had to do some footwork. Not sure if I found M35C sections, but **** used ones can still go for a good chunk of dough. Keep your fluid clean!!
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    CASE M35C valve sections

    Hey gents, Did some searching here and in the vast interwebs and didn't find too much on what one might pay for a valve section off our beloved M35C backhoe valve body. Seems all the older CASE parts don't show up on many of the parts sites (or aren't available). I'm doing some experimenting...
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