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  1. fuzzytoaster

    LMTV M1078 and M1079 Mechanical Help Needed in Addison, Texas

    Call him and let him know. rofl
  2. fuzzytoaster

    TX Military Adapter Kit, ICE Test Dearborn Protocol, DPA3+, Probe Set NOS 13608012

    I've got a few kits left. The next 2 are NOS.
  3. fuzzytoaster

    TX LDT-465-1D Multifuel Engine

  4. fuzzytoaster

    TX MRAP Soft Seat With Suspension

    last bump
  5. fuzzytoaster

    LMTV M1078 and M1079 Mechanical Help Needed in Addison, Texas

    I'm in Irving and we could arrange a time help you go over your recent winnings and share info. Depending on where you acquired your truck, I may be able to give you some history on it. No promises.
  6. fuzzytoaster

    Govplanet Emarketplace

    E-marketplace is just another wing of the RB family. Different agents, different rules, etc. That being said, if an item is challenged under their "Iron Clad Guarantee" and the price is reduced to compensate for the agreed defect and value then the item will show a "buy it now" next to the final...
  7. fuzzytoaster

    Behr Paint Jobs- Show me your MV's

    I've not had to sand Behr before but I'd imagine it would as it's a latex base. That being said, there is some flexibility to the paint as it's meant for housing panels that will expand and move with temp, wind, etc so it should hold up to HMMWV hoods. I painted my previous M1123 with 383 green...
  8. fuzzytoaster

    Neat or other things you found when you purchased your truck

    Most trucks I get are empty with the exception of an expired fire extinguisher or misc radio cables. A few times I've been lucky to find a 50 cal blank adapter or crusty torque multiplier but those are few and far between. The one unique time was a Kuwaiti Mountain dew bottle and a petrified...
  9. fuzzytoaster

    conversion of 4 batteries to 2?

    I'd like to know more about this stuff too.. not that I need more stuff. 😅
  10. fuzzytoaster

    STAL II 876

    She's a clean one and I'm thrilled to learn about her and the history!
  11. fuzzytoaster

    What have you done to your 5 ton this week?

    Got these two girls in yesterday. Both "non-runners" and by that I mean city employees don't understand or care so they sell them as such. The dump needs a few Q2 valves and the M923 needs an air dryer, air tank, and driver door. They're a little crusty but engines are solid. Anyone parting a...
  12. fuzzytoaster

    Tow Bar: Storage Location Question

    I've got 2 in Ft Worth. Newer and older styles. Feel free to swing by.
  13. fuzzytoaster

    ACS Tram 624kr wheel loader forks operation

    I have a fair amount of hours on these units but it's been a year or so since I've even thought about one. Try holding one of the top toggle switches (it always looked like a book to me) and move the lever back and forth simultaneously. Do you know any history on this machine? These 624Ks were...
  14. fuzzytoaster

    FMTV 3.07 Intermediate axle gear

    I think we'd have better luck trying to storm Area 51 again than get those, but TheDrashStash, report back if they let some go. :beer:
  15. fuzzytoaster

    Behr Paint Jobs- Show me your MV's

    I've painted probably two dozen trucks and countless M1101/M1102 trailers with Behr Marquee Exterior Flat. My oldest truck is going on 5 years now and looks new still. Touchups are fine and seem to blend well unlike rattle can touch ups. I plan to paint a deuce this week if I get the time and...
  16. fuzzytoaster

    TX MRAP Soft Seat With Suspension

    1 pair left
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