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  1. antennaclimber

    S Shaped Fuel Hose Source

    Yesterday I picked up a new dash pad at Corvette America for my CUCV. While I was there, I asked if they sell the S Shaped fuel hose for Corvettes. The previous vendor I found no longer sells them. The counter person, (John) knew exactly what part (0915) I was looking for. Low and behold, they...
  2. antennaclimber

    Radio Interference Issue Solved

    Finally figured out an RF hash/noise interference signal that was wiping out my 11 meter and HF radios. Definitely RF related, sometimes it's there and other times its not. The M1008 and M1009 are having the same issue. I'm wondering "How on earth does a mechanical diesel engine make so much RF...
  3. antennaclimber

    Pictures from the past

    A good friend of mine shared these pictures with me the other day. "175 Mules from AZ and CA, 9 trailer parts 3-10-96" Is written on the back of one of them. No other info is available, and yes they are all long gone. There may be more pictures yet to be discovered.
  4. antennaclimber

    Glow Plug Relay Repair

    My M1009 became increasingly hard to start when the glow plugs were needed to be on. Finally one morning it wouldn't start at all. Batteries are good, glow plugs are good and my GP card is good, relay made normal noise when closing. After getting a volt meter from my work truck, found that I...
  5. antennaclimber

    M1009 Rear power 24v to 12v modification

    Having just installed a new HF radio and accessories on the rear radio rack in the M1009, I wanted to convert the existing 24 volt bus bar to 12 volts. And I wanted to have a better location to access 12 volts other than the one near the glow plug relay. It is limited for high current demands...
  6. antennaclimber

    What Trailer is this?

    In my travels yesterday, I found this trailer For Sale. The data plate is very faded and almost unreadable. HET trailer? It still had a GL and EUC Required sticker on it. I thought it would look good "hooked" to my M1009!. Any ideas on what it is? Karl
  7. antennaclimber

    Battery Wiring Maintenance

    Having read a few threads on battery related problems, here is a little tutorial on preventing them. Starting (and glow plug) systems require a considerable amount of current from the electrical system. All components of the system need to have clean and reliable connections from the battery...
  8. antennaclimber

    GP Module Theory of Operation

    Attached is an explanation of how the CUCV glow plug module works. And a visual one as well. Karl
  9. antennaclimber

    PA Military Museum Vehicle Show

    The Last Cruise Car show will be held this year on July 24th at the PA Military Museum in State College, PA. This show has all types of vehicles including a Military entry class. Several of us with MV's from the area are planning on bringing our vehicles to the show. We would really like to...
  10. antennaclimber

    Yet another blown head gasket

    The truck was blowing oil out the back of the engine. I finally had the time to take it apart and found three places where the gasket was gone, torn or worn. What a surprise. Another surprise was the broken exhaust manifold. I would like to thank all that have posted information on...
  11. antennaclimber

    Brake line leak

    I noticed a leak at the two lines going to the master cylinder. (Air Force Deuce)Every time I parked the truck, two small puddles of brake fluid were on the ground. I checked the master cylinder and yes it was low on fluid. Further inspection underneath showed that the leaks were right at the...
  12. antennaclimber

    Picitinny inspection help wanted

  13. antennaclimber

    Last Cruise Car Show

    I went to my first car show with the Deuce. I thought I was going to be the only MV. Thank goodness Bob showed up with his mint Navy Jeep and Gordon showed up with his Russian motorcycle. And a OD VW. Not military but at least it was OD. Enjoy the pictures. K3ARL
  14. antennaclimber


    Just a test.
  15. antennaclimber

    Common Frequency

    Hello All, I am new to the MV group having purchased my first M35A2. Being in the land mobile radio communications business, I was wondering if there is a common frequency that most MV people use? HF, CB channel, FRS, GMRS, low band, VHF or UHF? I have no experience at all with military...
  16. antennaclimber

    Got One

    Got a nice 1988 USAF M35A2. Needs a little work, but looks good. This is a great site, full of great resources and people. K3ARL
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