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  1. SCM35A2

    Charlie's Deuce Thread

    Nice truck!
  2. SCM35A2

    Hello from southern Missouri

    Welcome to the site, nice project!
  3. SCM35A2

    New Member from South Carolina

    Welcome to the site!
  4. SCM35A2

    The perfect accessory for a 7-ton...

    That's bad ass!
  5. SCM35A2

    5ton wrecker fun

    That's awesome!
  6. SCM35A2

    Fairly newbie from TN

    Welcome to the site!
  7. SCM35A2

    Mix and match tires

    I've never had any issues.
  8. SCM35A2

    Bringing My MV Home

    Subscribed for updates!
  9. SCM35A2

    Mix and match tires

    I have Michelin tires on the drive axles & Goodyear tires on the front, no issues at all.
  10. SCM35A2

    M35A2 "Big Iron 1-7" (my first Duce)

    Great looking truck!
  11. SCM35A2

    Squibbly's M1009 Project

  12. SCM35A2

    Steel Soldiers MV of the month 2021 - November VOTE HERE!

    Voted, best of luck to you all!
  13. SCM35A2


    Nice truck!
  14. SCM35A2

    Another Newbie to the HMMWV world

    Welcome to the site!
  15. SCM35A2

    Looking for Deuce for Autistic Son

    Welcome to the site, great site for info & for buying a truck!
  16. SCM35A2

    New Member from Virginia

    Welcome to the site!
  17. SCM35A2

    New Member from Central Texas

    Welcome to the site!
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