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    419 front hyd pump fitting needed

    Need the fitting for the pressure side of the front hyd pump. Anyone have one or know where I can locate one ?
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    FLU419 SEE HMMH HME Owners group

    I'm close to ya in Salemburg NC
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    BFR's Floozy

    They are 2012 tires. I got a pair. I dont leave my property with mine. Old stock
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    FLU419 SEE HMMH HME Owners group

    Case 580
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    Surplus HMMWV's? Anywhere?

    They are getting the tires & drivetrains removed Then get destroyed Thats why the are some many hummer tires & wheels avaliable dirt cheap
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    M101 Trailers Minot ND

    Is their anyone close to Minot ND that could pick up & store a few M101 trailers untill I could come pick them up ? Or is anyone looking for a backhaul from ND to East Coast ?
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    Hotshot Transportation Co. - looking for loads

    Eric I may have some M101A1 Trailers in North Dakota that would need to be hauled to NJ What kind of shipping cost are we talking about ? Thanks Rick
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    Duel Tanks on a M1008

    Can I use duel tanks off a 85 gas chevy truck without changing the fuel sending units ? The little M1008 tank does not cut it running 37"s at highway speeds
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    ABERDEEN 2012 ( Only 192 days away)

    Bringing For Sale Fiberglass Troop Seat Benches $200 a pair (benches only) Camo Net Spreaders $10 each M101A3 Axles NOS $250 each ( Bare Axles no hubs) Deuce Wheels & Tires $100 for set of four 12 Bolt Hummer Wheels $75 each 3 16.5 Steel Wheels that mount to Deuce...
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    Stacking trailers for travel

    GL will not stack or flip trailers anymore. They have for me in the past. Just pick them up one at a time & bring to the closest parking lot. Then stand them on there tailgates & strap them together.
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    Sussex NJ Apr 28/29 WHO WANTS WHAT

    Heres a list of what I can bring. Let me know what you want ! 16.5 Steel Wheels that fit a 2.5 ton I have 3 of these 1 in bent can be repaired. $100 4 Stock 2.5 Tires & Wheels $100 3 M101A3 Axles NOS $200 each 12 bolt Hummer Wheels & Tires $100 per wheel $200 tire & wheel...
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    Sussex NJ Apr 28/29 WHO WANTS WHAT

    I have 4 2.5 ton wheels Also 2 16.5 steel wheels that fit into 2.5 ton axles Rick
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    Sussex NJ Apr 28/29 WHO WANTS WHAT

    Used 37 in Goodyear MT Tires on 12 Bolt Hummer Wheels M101A2 Trailers M101A1 Trailers M1102 Trailers M101 Trailer tailights Misc M101 Trailer Parts Troop Seats for a 923 Cargo Truck ( fiberglass ) 2 sets 38x14.50x15 Thornbird Tires Mounted on 8 lug 15x10 Steel Wheels...
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    M105a2 outside wheel width?

    May want to double check that a car trailer can handle hauling a M105. May be too wide.
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    5 Ton Bridge Truck?!?

    M812 Bridge Truck The army uses them to haul sections of ribbon bridge , boats & also haul a flat pallet for hauling cargo. I spent many hours using one at FT Benning 586th Engr Co
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    Rust prevention questions

    VSE uses good primer under the CARC. I would not mess with it. Just wash the salt off real good in the winter months. You can scotchbrite the CARC and apply bedliner or undercoating. If the trailers last 20 to 30 years for the goverment I dont think you have any thing to worry about.
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    Help me out before I bid....

    GL gets the 10% for selling the item. You may be charged sales tax from the state the sale is in. You will need to pay nj sales tax when you title the truck in nj. You pay for the items within 24 hrs of winning. You do not need to fill out any tax forms unless you are a business. After...
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    M1102 Data Plates

    Anyone have a data plate off a M1102 laying around ? Bought one from GL missing data plate.
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    m101a3 axles max weight load?

    I have a few new M101A3 axles New still in the crates
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    EUC on trailer?

    4 to 6 weeks first time
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