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    current sensor - mep803/2

    Ok all you gen techs out there. Ever have trouble with a current sensor? If so, what were the symptoms of a bad current sensor? I can't imagine what could go wrong with one of them, but I'd just like to know how a bad current sensor manifests itself. It has no moving parts, and is 100%...
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    Looking for an 802a engine genius.....

    It's the 2 cylinder engine. Quick start, dies immediately, then very hard start.... So I took off the crankcase door off and cleaned out a clogged oil pressure relief valve. In the process of cleaning off the old gasket from the crankcase I removed two remaining studs. They came out easily...
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    mep-802a engine oil leak

    If I let it run a while it leaks oil on to the fuel solenoid side. It is tough to see where it might be coming from. I'm thinking that the crankcase door gasket might be bad... but that's more guess than anything else. Two questions: Has anyone run into this problem, and what was their fix...
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    mep-802/803 voltage regulator adjustment pot

    There are voltage regulators which have an adjustment pot in the front about in the lower center. Does anyone have any information as to what that adjustment is and what it does, and how to set it?? Not all regulators have this pot... I'm thinking that the newer (whatever newer means here)...
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    802a main fuel pump woes

    I was looking for an Airtex E1074 fuel pump for my 802a to replace the Facet 40193. Apparently they are made of un-obtanium. Can't seem to find anything on the E1074 pump -- Airtex help line wasn't too helpful on the E1074. So...... They (Airtex) suggested the E8135 pump. They "said" that...
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    removing the fan from an 802a

    Does anyone have a trick for removing the fan from the engine? It sounds like it should be easy, but cutting the bolt off is looking more and more like the only solution... thanks
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    m116a3 parking brake sorta stuck

    I think it was working OK, but it sat for a couple of weeks with the brake on and now one side seems to drag. I towed it around the field a couple of times and the "dragging" side drum was measurably warmer than the non-dragging side. The cable seems to droop when the brake is released. So...
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    remote start mep-802a's sold on G/L a week or so ago....

    I wasn't the high bidder on any of these, but somebody was.... So..... If someone bought an 802a with the remote starting feature it would be interesting to see how they were configured for the remote start. I know there was a cable involved, but beyond that I can only guess how that worked...
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    Need part number for airtex fuel pump

    I am looking for the part number for the airtex main fuel pump for the 802/803 generators. The manual only shows the Facet part number (40193 - main, 40194-auxillary); a search of the archives here comes up with E1074, but E1074 seems to be a mechanical pump. So..... If anyone has an Airtex...
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    Tactical quiet generators -- those small white connectors.. Mep-802a,803a, and other

    If anyone is looking for these 2,3,4 pin connectors, they are MOLEX connectors. They are available from sellers on ebay. If you need a pin removal tool to remove the pins in those MOLEX connectors one can use some 3/16 inch brake line. You'll need to grind the outside down a little to fit...
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    24vdc test rig for anything with a NATO adapter ---- the "Z" box

    Here is a rig that I made yesterday to get 24 vdc to test generator components, lights, relays, solenoids, etc. This could be used on trucks or anything with a 24vdc NATO socket. I had a NATO plug / cable laying around gathering dust, so I thought I'd use it. Materials are the jack side of a...
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    NO FUEL error on 802a/803a when there is actually fuel in the tank

    There have been a few questions on how to solve this problem. I got into it today a little more, and here are some tips. First, the NO FUEL light circuits are not electrically connected or in common with the fuel gauge. They even have separate sending units.. NO FUEL as well as AUX FUEL...
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    mep-802a mep-803a fuel solenoid rubber boot -- replacement

    Here is a picture of an installed fuel solenoid. Looks normal, but the rubber boot is different - it aint gray! When I got this unit the gray boot was in shreds. Looked around the shop and found an old master cylinder boot that never had been used. Had to trim the narrow end back just a...
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    mep-802a mep-803a fuel tank insert tricks

    I had to replace that metal insert that goes into the fuel tank. It was rusty and I had a spare to substitute. Those 5/16 inch screws are awfully hard to remove and even harder to re-install. So, here are a few tricks to make installation easier.... loosen the two hose clamps first - make...
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    mep-802a mep-803a and income taxes - a fix for the fuel shutoff solenoid

    In our household income tax season is a time for gnashing of teeth. However, whilst working on the 2014 tax return(?) I noticed the hanging folder and saw something that wasn't there, but could be created. It is that stiff piece of metal that interfaces between the fuel solenoid and the fuel...
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    dc alternator mep803a -- need part number for the pulley

    There's a 4 (or 5) groove pulley on the DC alternator on this. Anyone know of a part number for the pulley, or know a source for them? I've checked the part manual and there is a picture that has the pulley in it, but it is not referenced with any sort of number. z
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    need a part number or source for injector removal tool - mep802/803

    After one blood blister, two gouged knuckles, a lot of swearing, more swearing, and one broken fuel injector I've decided there has got to be a tool to remove these pests. Depending on how one would do this it could be a 12mm, 16 mm, or 9/16 size, but none of those sizes work very well. I...
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    mep-802 / mep-803 fuel pump mortality rate

    Well, I got several facet fuel pumps 'cause I knew I'd need some, and I ended up with four of 'em -- all NOS. Well, THREE of the four failed straight out of the box, and the fourth works fine! I took one of the failed ones apart and nothing looked obvious. Anyone have a fix for a new failed...
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    need phone number for Green Mountain Generators

    Anyone have their phone number?? It isn't on their web site and it isn't offered anywheres else. a search of the Yellow Pages comes up null. thanks z
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    mep 802a -- mep803a source for panel meters

    Does anyone have a known source for the panel meters on the 802/803? Specifically, the 60 Hz meter, the % of rated current meter, and the AC voltmeter. All the others are fairly straightforward, but I'm having some difficulty in finding the above three. z
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