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    57 Continental R6602 Recommended Fuel Octane

    Ethanol is bad on carbs, even the fiberglass gas tanks on vintage motorcycles. Don't let it sit in your old vehicle that was built before ethanol was introduced. Nothing but problems!
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    57 Continental R6602 Recommended Fuel Octane

    The guy who originally posted was concerned about high octane being bad for his engine. The reality is he would only get better performance/more power/run cooler with high octane. It would have no detriment except it cost more. The problem is the R6602 can't take advantage of the higher octane...
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    57 Continental R6602 Recommended Fuel Octane

    I saw this old post and just thought I'd add that that engine is the biggest or I guess the second biggest gas hog I have ever owned in a truck. Anyone that can afford to run and work one of these pigs, I guess can afford the extra cost of non-ethanol too. They do make nice power, and sound...
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