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  1. Seth_O

    MEP 016d fuel delivery issue

    My trusty MEP 016-d quit on me during a power outage this evening. Upon examination I found that the belly tank was full, but the small tank on top was empty, so it wasn't transferring fuel. I read several threads saying the rectifier on the fuel pump is known to go bad and can be safely...
  2. Seth_O

    MEP 016c connection help

    I've read through countless threads here and on smokestack and cant find a solution. I'm trying to hook my mep016c up to my house. I've disconnected mains power, and have connected a jumper from L0 to the frame ground. I am getting ~120v on BOTH L1 and L2. I am running L1 and L2 to each of my...
  3. Seth_O

    Stuck Winch

    I used my deuce today to winch my bro's truck and trailer. After getting him back on the asphalt I moved my deuce and heard an unhappy crunch sound. I immediately parked the truck and shut it down to inspect. Sure enough the lever slipped in the cab and it tightened down on itself. Now with...
  4. Seth_O

    RTH No Longer NEEDED - was stuck on I5 in NorCal

    A fellow SS'er - BigRig379 - had a breakdown on I5 just north of Stockton in his MK48. Is anyone able to help with a tow? Needs to get off the freeway to work on the truck. I don't know a whole lot about the situation (I'm located about an hour away and no ability to move something that size.)...
  5. Seth_O

    MRAP adapter plates?

    Anyone know who is making MRAP adapter plates for the seuce these days? I tried peashooter but no love there :-(. I recently scored a brand new set of 395's on MRAP wheels and need to get them onto my truck.
  6. Seth_O

    Starter warm-up?

    I searched around, but couldn't find anything similar to my issue - so hoping someone can give me a few ideas. My truck has begun some weird starting behavior: When I push the starter button the starter barely turns over. As I hold the button the starter 'winds-up' for lack of a better term and...
  7. Seth_O

    Winch drum not turning?

    I bought a Garwood winch from a reputable SS'er whom I trust. He had rebuilt the winch, but his wife preferred the deuce without it, so it got shelved. Some undisclosed amount of time later, I bought it (a year? several years?) I finally got around to installing it on my truck, and went for...
  8. Seth_O

    Conical Washers from the Pitman Arm

    I spent my weekend doing new axle boots on my deuce. In total, six hours on the d-side boot alone. Three of those were spent trying to remove two of the conical washers from where the steering arm attaches to the knuckle. Ultimately I was able to get them out, but they were destroyed in the...
  9. Seth_O

    Ross HF54 Power Steering in my Deuce

    I have been researching and preparing to install PS in my deuce for a while, so I know there are many, many threads covering it. Some of which are very good, but it seemed that my particular experience was a bit unique, so I thought it might be worth it to share how I tackled it for my truck...
  10. Seth_O

    8XX series steering column question

    I am installing power steering in the deuce, a la the gringeltaube method. I have searched, but cant seem to find any info in the 5-ton section on if the 8XX series steering column is collapsible. Are any of the 5-tons columns collapsible, and which ones have splined ends? Trying to cast as...
  11. Seth_O

    inspection @ travis afb CA, by 11/13

    Hoping someone can inspect a lot for me at Travis AFB near Fairfield CA before 11/13. If you can help, pls let me know. Unfortunately I will be in FL until then and cannot inspect it myself.
  12. Seth_O

    Front axle eating seals

    I am in the process of installing my 3rd front axle seal on the passenger side in about 14mos. I have looked in vain, but don't see anything that is obviously causing the problem. I just find that every few months, and few hundred miles, I have a steady drip of gear oil on the inside of my...
  13. Seth_O

    sludge in the fuel cans

    I finally got around to pulling my fuel filter cans yesterday in prep for new filters. When I dropped them I found they had about 1/2" of sludge in the bottom, mixture of goo + rust flakes/chunks + sediment it looked like? I am going to line my cans with a gas tank liner, and will eventually...
  14. Seth_O

    Oil Pump Removal

    Evidently the oil pump was designed by a 3-armed, ambidextrous, 9-fingered midget, 'cause I cannot get the last bolt off. Any tips/tricks for how to get to the last one? The socket wrench is too long, the box-wrench hits the engine mount, and there is not enough room to get one of those...
  15. Seth_O

    Found these in the oilpan

    My truck is dumping fuel in the crankcase via the HH. I am waiting on new o-rings to take care of it, and in the meantime I drained the oil in preparation for replacing it all. I drained ~13 GALLONS of liquid out of the oil pan (you can imagine the mess when my usual 5ga oil catch pan didn't...
  16. Seth_O

    Fix for a leaky FDC?

    I have a leaky FDC (I assume: truck's making oil and I found diesel on the backside of the shut-off valve.) I thought I read a thread at some point from someone who fixed their leaking FDC, but I cannot get search to find the thread for me. I know it's easier to bypass it, and it's not...
  17. Seth_O

    Inspection help at Clearfield, UT

    If sanyone is headed to Clearfield UT, I could use a hand with an inspection: Auction date 04/09 - 04/12 Feel free to PM or email me. Tks!
  18. Seth_O

    Head Gasket?

    I made a dump run today, and noticed during the ride that my oil pressure seemed lower than normal (~45psi at WOT, normally I would get up to ~60psi) When I got back I saw that there was oil spray all over the passenger side of the truck, I peeked underneath and saw my front axle completely...
  19. Seth_O

    Converting M105 to dropside?

    Has anyone ever converted their M105 bobbed deuce to a dropside? I keep eyeballing mine, and have started running through how I would do it in my head. I can't be the first to think of this, and am hopeful someone else has looked at it and either done it successfully or figured out why it's...
  20. Seth_O

    Receiver Hitch and Civvy Trailer Wiring

    I finally buttoned up my receiver hitch and civvy trailer wiring. I opted to install TM America's 12v alt brackets. That was very straightforward and an inexpensive option. I love to have virtually endless amounts of 12v power on tap. The hitch was a junkyard takeoff, rated for 5k lbs. Not...
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