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  1. MILrestorer

    Steering wheel chain

    The padlock & chain was welded to the floor pan under the seat of my CUCV truck. Where is it referenced in the TM?
  2. MILrestorer

    Parts for M1008 rear troop seats

    I made a few sets of these troop seat clamps if anybody needs them PM me
  3. MILrestorer

    What is this used for?

    Oh, and so I am not hijacking this thread I can post a pic of the decomtamination bottle mount if anyone wants to see where it is in my (now confirmed) M1008A1. Im interested in seeing where the decontamination bottle was mounted. I havn't been able to confirm any standardized location yet...
  4. MILrestorer

    What is this used for?

    What about the truck version of the CUCV M1008,M1028 ect..? Chemical detector bracket and alarm holes are on the passenger floor but i havn't found the 3 holes for a DS2 decon bottle.
  5. MILrestorer

    What is this used for?

    Is there a Standard mount location for the DS2 bottle in a CUCV? I have yet to find it in the TM's.
  6. MILrestorer

    Mile Marker 24v 12,000lb multi mount winch install

    I like this idea, retains the ability to still utilize the lifting shackles. Thanks for posting this.
  7. MILrestorer

    CUCV Winch?

    Anybody recognize the winch mounts in the photos posted by forum member TNROBOCOP of the CUCV's as a specific Warn mount that was mass produced at some point? It looks similar to Warn mounts of that era.... or was it a small quantity manufactured for military units specifically?
  8. MILrestorer

    CUCV painted military yellow?

    The U.S. Forest Service painted them yellow & black. I own a yellow M1008 that was used as a fire truck and supposedly had a water tank mounted in the bed. It was also rigged with a Beacon light and CB antenna mounts on the roof. Im currently in the process of restoring it back to 383 CARC...
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