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  1. 54reo

    MEP-016B injectors

    Does anyone have a source for a fuel injector for the Onan in an MEP-016B?
  2. 54reo

    2018 USS LST 325 Fall Mississippi River Tour

    The USS LST 325 has set sail on the 2018 Fall River Tour and will be headed up the Mississippi to Dubuque and Bettendorf Iowa, then to Chester Illinois. She will be arriving in Chester on Sept 6th, and opening up for tours on Sept 7, 8, and 9. We have a sizable group of WWII reenactors...
  3. 54reo

    M105 sized trailer need moved from PA to IL

    Looking to see it anyone could support a trailer move from PA to IL. It is a single axle trailer for the 2 1/2 ton trucks (think M105). It should make a flat row ok, but would prefer it be hauled if possible. PM for more details please. Thanks
  4. 54reo

    Southern Illinois CAF fly-in at Marion IL; Williamson County airport; July 18-21 2013

    As mentioned, the CAF fly-in at Marion is quickly approaching (July 18-21) and it looks like the CAF will have a great line-up of rare planes coming in. While there will not be performances by the planes as in a regular air show, they will be flying in and out of the airport throughout the...
  5. 54reo

    Southern Illinois Veteran recognition parade, Sept 8, 2012

    Every town has their annual hometown picnic, and ours here in Chester Il is the Popeye's Picnic (as in Popeye the Sailor Man). Chester is the home of Elzie Segar, the creator of Popeye. The theme of the Picnic this year is "Popeye salutes the Troops", and the Picnic Committee has asked for our...
  6. 54reo

    Southern Illinois Airport, B-29 & P-51 fly-in, Today; 18-6-12

    I know it is short notice, but I believe this was just recently organized. "Fi-Fi" and a P-51 escort will be flying in to the Southern Illinois Airport at Carbondale Il today around 1600 hours. I will be leaving work early today...
  7. 54reo

    SO IL, SE MO area campout/get together

    From Sept 16-18 2011, the LST 325 will be moored in Chester IL along the riverfront. We are organizing a WWII re-enactor Living Camp and Historical Military Vehicle display to coincide with the LST being in town and would like to gauge the interest from the SS community. Several of us...
  8. 54reo

    2011 LST 325 River Tour

    The LST 325 will be stopping in Chester Illinois September 16-18, 2011. We (the town) are planning to have a Historical Military Vehicle display and WWII Living Camp coincide with the ships' visit. I have been thinking this would be a good opportunity for some of the SS members to bring our...
  9. 54reo

    High scrap prices claim another M123A1C

    I have been attempting to acquire a local M123A1C for over a year now. The owner had set a price in the spring of '10, but quickly changed his mind and decided to keep it as parts for another running M123A1C he owns and uses as in a civilian (haulage) role. I mentioned that if he ever changed...
  10. 54reo

    What do I spy....

    ...with my little eye?
  11. 54reo

    LDT/LDS Engine Bearings source ?

    Does anyone here know of a source for the main and rod bearings for our beloved multifuel engines? Standard or oversized. Also, what about cylinders/liners? (yes I know there were just a bunch on GL, but I missed out). I have a rod knocking when the engine is cold (goes away when warm)...
  12. 54reo

    Wrecker power divider propeller shaft CV joint failure.

    While unloading/moving some new (to me) MV stuff, the upper power divider CV joint on the M816 decided to enter into the first stages of a catastrophic failure today. I was able to shut the truck down well before anything really bad happened (like a broken shaft), but this does not look to be a...
  13. 54reo

    2009 MVPA Convention: SteelSoldiers attendance

    I'm just curious as to how many SteelSoldiers will be in attendance. I will be there early Friday morning with my wife and daughter. We will be staying at the Holiday Inn until Sunday morning. Hope to see some of you there!
  14. 54reo

    Two running 302 Jimmies & transmissions in IL for sale.

    I stumbled across two running 302's w/transmissions in IL. They are not mine, nor do I know the guy selling. I just ran across them by accident. He is cutting up three '52 GMC's to make hillbilly mud trucks and he is selling the engines. I don't know what they are worth, but he wants $300 for...
  15. 54reo

    Anyone need an inspection at Jeff City?

    I will be at the Jeff City, MO GL lot on Tuesday if anyone needs anything looked at. I could pick-up something small-ish as well.
  16. 54reo

    6/12/09 GSA Machine Shop Trailer

    Ok, did anyone here get it? It was on GSA in IL.
  17. 54reo

    GL ads are back

    And I for one am glad. Thanks to mangus for getting that revenue back for the site!
  18. 54reo

    Anyone close to Ft. Benning?

    Is there anyone close to Ft. Benning in GA? Please post up or PM me. Less than a pick-up truck load....
  19. 54reo

    Need to find this boarding ladder!!

    Hey all, I need some assistance. I am looking for the correct boarding ladder for the semi trailers such as the expansible/expandable and the mobile machine shops. I don't know the NSN. See the attached pic for an example. I have called all of the usual suspects; Memphis Equipment, Sam Winer...
  20. 54reo

    Captured WWI German Artillery.

    While I was recovering the last M105A2, I decided to take a short detour. I have been past this particular VFW several times, but haven't stopped since I was a kid. Shot a few pictures for you all, I figured some of the guys here might appreciate them. Sign says it is a "Fried Krupp" 15 cm...
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