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  1. Adam Brice

    Front wheel bearings

    Hi guys, So I was successful with changing my rear brakes, wheel cylinders, and bearings. I get to the front, had a fun time getting inner wheel bearing apart (in peices). See attached photo. Anyhow, my new inner bearing seems just slightly too small, and doesn't quite want to slide onto...
  2. Adam Brice

    Which TM for rebuilding my brakes?

    Hi guys. I went ahead and purchased 6 new wheel cylinders, all new seals, a few wheel bearings, a few springs, and all new shoes for my 109a3. I've got the first rear wheel apart, and it appears pretty straightforward, but would love some tips or tricks, and would like to know which TM...
  3. Adam Brice

    Hard start m35

    Hi guys. So I just changed my fuel filters on the multifuel, and now I'm having issues starting. It wont start unless I bleed it out on top of the fuel block every time. Used to start right off on first crank. I'm guessing one of the o rings on secondary or final filter isn't sealing correctly...
  4. Adam Brice

    New guy from Arizona

    Hi guys, I'm new here and just wanted to say hello. I just purchased a 1970 AM General M109a3 that has been cut down to resemble a cargo bed, kinda a crappy job, but oh well. I will be putting 2-500 gallon water tanks on the back to haul water to my home, as we are in an area that's hit and...
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