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    Curious about injectors

    Let me start by saying, I have NOT removed any of my injectors. So I don’t know if they’re one hole or two hole. #3 and #4 injector LINES are pretty rough looking for some reason, when previously removed for a HH removal, the threads were pretty well shot on the injector side of those lines...
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    Weird Fuel pressure issue…

    Ok here’s my setup… Lift pump - Airtex E8131 (commonly used!replacement) When I turn on the main power, my pump kicks on like normal, and fuel pressure from the lift pump climbs to 6-8psi. Then, when I start the truck, the lift pump pressure drops to 0-2psi, all while the secondary is reading...
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    3053 Main Shaft help

    While reinstalling the gear set onto my main shaft I noticed I do NOT have a key way for the 2nd gear, mine only presses on. Moving to the next step is when I encounter a key way for the synchro sleeve. Can anyone help? @m-35tom Also, since I pressed on the 2nd gear with no alignment, it does...
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    Found this website for light bulbs…

    I needed some new bulbs for my truck. I searched and searched and first decided to cross reference to Napa and place an order since they are right down the road. I placed an online order so I could pick them up after work. About 2hrs later I got an email saying they cancelled my order with no...
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    DIY or cheap intercom

    Has anyone set up their own headset and intercom system? I’m looking for a budget build, I don’t need new, I just need functional. 2 person set up with headsets, possibly up to 3 in case there’s a young’n in the middle. Thoughts? Ideas? Any suggestions? Thanks!
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    M35a2 trans, model 3053

    Looking for a cheap used/spare transmission. Model 3053 for an m35a2. Located around or near Creston, OH 44217. Or be willing to ship. I’ll be upfront and honest, I’m not looking for handouts, but I also can’t afford $1000+ just because. Thanks
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    Found major issue…trans

    Had some time today so I decided to let my truck stretch its legs on some back country roads by our house. I went around the “block”, which was about 6miles round trip. Problem was on my way back I decided to go into 5th, shifted fine, went about a 1/2 mile crusading at 45mph and then came to...
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    Brake issue…what would you do?

    Ok, let me start by saying my truck has ZERO pedal for braking. Most of you reading this know I just got my truck running the other day. The brakes are the next thing on the list that need repaired.(I do know I have one bad air tank, I have a new one in route and that will be replaced first)...
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    Can’t get this to start…FIXED!!!

    I have replaced a non working in tank pump with an inline recommended from this site. I now get 9psi when I turn on the main power. I have changed all fuel filter. I have bypassed the fdc I have removed/bypassed the flame heater I have pulled the HH because the button fell off. Reinstall...
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    Air line diagram or which TM needed?

    I happened to be up under this new deuce I picked up working on something totally different, and being my first truck I found this cut air line, but I’m not sure what is missing or where it should go.. I have attached two pictures… Picture one shows the air tanks and which air line I’m...
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    New guy in Ohio that needs help with transport!

    Hello, I’m new to this site. I live in Creston, Ohio, 44217. I know this might be a long shot but I cannot find anyone to help me get a deuce home. It is non running but does move. It is located about 35miles away in Cuyahoga Fall, Ohio, 44221. Can anyone on here help transport this back to my...
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