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    12v outlet

    I post this for my new friend Camo! I added 12v outlets to my m998 the pictures are in the "What have you done today" thread. My question comes from which battery to pull from. I pulled 12v from forward battery, ran positive and negative wires to 12v outlets and fused the positive at battery...
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    Spring replacement, leveling springs

    I have been researching springs in an overall effort to firstly make a smoother ride and second raise the front end to level. I have researched from several sources:
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    Interior lights and usb chargers

    I'm wanting to install interior lights and USB chargers for cell phones. ill list below the items I have or am ordering. So far I have 8 led rock lights like this: (will draw 35watts total) I am considering these...
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    60 amp alternator question

    I've been having problems with my alternator. Took it to a shop who ultimately would not work on it. They did take it apart and tell me the brushes Looked good. I ordered a regulator from eBay. While swapping out the regulator i realized there is a 4th pen on the new regulator where there is...
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    Unknown red switch under driver dash

    Anyone know what this is for?
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    Friggin start box light

    I've read some threads and don't want to hijack current thread. My wait light/glow system is not working properly. It will not glow with truck cold but weather warm. It will crank but takes longer. I went out this morning with colder Temps and it worked properly. I'm guessing it's the temp...
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    Replacement seat dimensions

    I have the base model seats in my truck and am having trouble deciding between commanders buckets with adjustable seat base and aftermarket seats. I've looked at Rugged Ridge, Smittybuilt and also thinking about Chrysler Pacifica stow and go seats. They recline, have armrests and will fold...
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    Hood scoop to radiator shrouding

    I'm trying to make my fan run less. It works 100% correctly. I just want it to run less. I think if there was a good seal from hood to radiator stack it would cool much better when running 55mph. On my unit it looks like there is some rubber seal on one side of the radiator but nowhere else...
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    Buying HMMWV from law enforcement agency

    A law enforcement agency that I am familiar with has a Humvee with a bad engine. It has been parked for several years. I inquired and was told that the vehicle would have to go back to the government or would have to go to the scrap yard they weren't exactly sure. Is anyone familiar with the...
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    Painting m998

    I'm in the process of painting my M998 camo with Rapco paint. I initially ordered 6 green, 3 black, 3 brown. So far used 5 green all black and less than half can of brown. I have basically put 3 coats on so far. I reordered 6 green, 4 black 2 brown. I also have touch-up and camo color aligning...
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    Battery Hold Down Rods

    I need a battery hold down bracket and the rods that go with it. I have found several brackets but the only rods have been 10,00 per piece plus shipping. Does anyone know where I can get a kit or at least the rods in a kit? If there is a good DIY solution I'm game for that also.
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    Alternator questions

    My alternator is going bad..I think. When I first purchased it would surge between green and red on gauge. I adjusted the regulator so when it wasn't surging or showing overcharge the needle sat right on the line in the green. Sometimes it would get stuck "Overcharging" and I would turn the...
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    Oil pressure gauge question

    My oil pressure gauge went to full pressure with switch turned on but engine not running and stayed at full pressure with engine running. Turn switch off goes to no pressure. It was this way when purchased and I have put about 5000 miles on truck. I ordered a new gauge and installed it. I also...
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    M998 6.2/3speed Transmission kick down and shift modulator adjustment

    If your HMMWV feels sluggish and is reluctant to downshift try these easy adjustments. Note: This is assuming all parts working properly when adjusted and not a trouble shooting guide. Starting with the throttle cable it is located under hood in top center of engine bay. This picture taken...
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    Could we get a HMMWV tips and tricks section?

    Like title says how about a tips and tricks section. A sub forum with valid write ups pinned to the top of forum. I was watching a video on YouTube. Guy mentioned greasing the hood stops even though new to keep from squeaking. I've been chasing that squeak for several weeks. Some small things up...
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    Best passenger mirror location

    I've seen passenger mirrors adjusted so theybcan be viewed through pass window and also looking through windshield what works best? I have 4 man soft top. The door hits mirror all the time. Anyone with experience adjusting so it can be seen through windshield?
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    OEM insulation

    I have a 4 man soft top. It is missing the insulation on the passenger rear tunnel. Can Anyone tell if this is it from this Ebay ad: Also, it has painted plywood in 2 pieces that go between the front and rear seats...
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    M998 6.2, 3 speed trans adjusting questions

    My M998 shifts the same regardless of throttle position. It barely gets moving before it shifts into 2nd and then shifts into 3rd fairly quick. It will not downshift from pedal input. It will downshift when slowing to a stop as one would assume a properly operating trans should. When...
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    Max Vehicle Operating Speeds

    I was reading the placard for M998 6.2/3 speed. It says in High range max speed in 2nd gear is 45mph. How can that be anywhere near accurate? When driving I'm afraid to hold second past 33ish. Am I missing something?
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