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    Gaskets required to replace head gasket

    Hello, On my M109A3 I had the rear most cylinder push the head gasket material out and am looking to gather the parts and gaskets required for this job. I saw this thread but got a little lost: Does...
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    Military Transport Association Military Vehicle Show and Swapmeet April 22-23 2017

    Military Transport Association 16th Annual Military Vehicle Show and Swap Meet Sussex County Fairgrounds, April 22nd and 23rd 2017 Date/Time: Saturday 8 AM to 6 PM Sunday 8 AM to 3 PM Location: 37 Plains Road (off US 206), Augusta, New Jersey 07822 GPS: 41º 8.161’ – 74º 43.033’ Entry...
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    Anyone do the front main seal and could help me do one? (M923 NHC-250)

    Hey, It appears my front main seal is leaking on my '85 M923 w/NHC-250. Anyone near NJ do one before? What other seals will be impacted by getting to it that I should replace and need? I am pretty capable doing the work but not interested in tearing mine apart without some guidance and a...
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    M923 with No alternator output

    Hey, I did my homework and am really looking for suggestions on what path to take from people who have had similar/same issue. Volt meter shows in top of yellow range Batteries individually measure 12.6+ Battery voltage across the whole bank = 25.6 I hear the safety relay disengage when...
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    Members in/near Northern NJ: Want to start up a get together/ride

    Hey guys, Anyone have any interest in getting together for ride either weekly/biweekly/monthly? We could meet up, plan a destination, etc. Any thoughts on locations to hit up in the local area would be welcomed. Thanks!
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    Passed the ARRL Technician and General Exams today!

    Well after passing both exams it is time to think about a radio for my 5 Ton. I've already got a HF setup and portable VHF/UHF. What kind of information can you guys share with me to an appropriate setup for the vehicle? I'd also consider using it outside of the MV world potentially band wise...
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    Cab to Window weather strip P/N?

    Hey, I need to replace the channelized weather stripping that is mounted to the cab upright (the removable upright that the cab cover slides into on both sides) that is orientated vertically. Is it this? 10 PAOZZ 2510007373287 19207 7373287 WEATHERSTRIP...
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    Installed "Those Military Guys" Folding Tailgate Ladder and Dome Light (24V)

    Installed "Those Military Guys" Folding Tailgate Ladder and Dome Light (24V) Hey, Got around to installing both the new Folding Tailgate Ladder they offer along with the Dome Light. The dome light was easy as it gets to install. They are nice enough to include all the terminals/butt...
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    Custom built LED Lighting for M923 Cargo area

    So this was my problem, its dark back there: I'd prefer if it looked like this: Some more photos of the install: Black box contains: 2 sealed batteries (12 VDC 24 Ah each) 120 VAC charger for batteries 120 VAC input to inverter board for bypass mode to 120 VAC output The 120 VAC...
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    Rocking felt in front 1/3 of vehicle, out of balance tire or?

    hey, I've noticed that the truck gets into a bad oscillation around 30-40 mph and the whole front of the cab feels like it is being tossed around. Feels like an out of balance tire but I don't feel anything in the wheel like you would in a car. I am familiar with hopping from the rear axles...
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    M923 Fuel filter/water separator issues, won't drain, can't prime

    Hey, M923 I was following page 3-27 of the operators guide to draining the water out of the fuel filter and ran into a few issues. 1) There is no top inlet valve, just a 90 degree turn towards the rear of the vehicle I was thinking of cracking the filter open to let it drain. Before doing...
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    Leaking air valve FL on M923

    Hey, I have a small leak from the front left air valve behind the front bumper, shown here as FN 13 It wiggles a little bit and I was wondering if there was a way to tighten up the weird nut on the back of it to stop the leak? I didn't want to try to touch it till I knew what was on the other...
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    Picked up my 1985 M923 today

    I had a 1970 Kaiser M35A2 but sold it a couple years ago. Decided it was time for another MV. 1985 AM General M923, rebuilt at Red River 3-11. She is in great condition. Need to pick up some of the tools (chain hoist, glad hand tire filler, etc). Really just needs new wipers and it is fully...
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    Anyone in the N Jersey area available to help repair a leaky front hub?

    Hey, I know I don't have all the proper "big" tools to fix my one leaking axle. Is there anyone in the North Jersey area that would have time in the next month or so to help? I could drive to you or you could come to my house. Either way the pizza and beer is on me + whatever else. I...
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    Ferrule sizes for copper air line that connect to airpack

    Hey guys, Does anyone know the size of the ferrule air line fittings used on the copper pipe going into the airpack and going out of the air pack? From searching around here it appears to be 3/8" for the in and the out. Can anyone verify? Thank you!
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    Towing M37 w/M35A2

    Hi, I am possibly towing an M37 with my M35 to the MTA show this April using a towbar. We will also have tow lights on the back of the M37. The weight of the M37 is under 6,000 lbs so it fits well within the 10,000 lb capacity of the deuce. I was searching around and found this thread...
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    More brake problems

    I was having an issue with the brake pedal not coming back quickly. Also sometime it would feel like I was locked out the brakes and would have to pump them and let the pedal come all the way back before I would have brakes again. Once that happened the brakes would be great till a few pushes...
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    Think my air pak needs a rebuild

    Hey, I have been having issues with being locked out of the brakes completely on my M35A2. April 2009 I bled the brakes and inspected the whole system. It would easily lock up all 10 tires if you wanted and under normal braking it didn't pull to one side. It has a nice straight line under...
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    New Battery Time!

    Hey, I did some searching around here and tried my luck at the local interstate battery distributor. They had "econo" batteries for 35 bucks each. I picked up 2 Group 31 batteries. To make them fit the box I had to remove 2 of the nut/bolts that hold the shield on the back of the battery box...
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    What causes this brake system failure...?

    Little background info: 1970 M35A2 Kaiser-Jeep Purchased the Deuce in April 2009. Bled all the brakes lines, booster, and MC with DOT5. I keep a constant eye on the fluid levels. Brakes have been excellent on this truck ever since. After stopping on an incline yesterday I had no brakes...
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