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    M817 Dump with no brakes

    I purchased an M817 a few years ago and I am finally getting around to fixing it. It had no brakes when I picked it up from GL. It runs good and makes air pressure, but the brake pedal goes to the floor. I have added fluid to it, but I still get no pressure on the pedal. Is there...
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    clutch problems after attempted tow in 5 ton wrecker

    I would appreciate any help with a possible diagnosis on my m62a2. I tried to help pull out a stuck 10 wheel dump truck today. I had to be towed away from the still stuck dump truck with a clutch that does not return to its prior position. The clutch pedal now sits one to two inches from...
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    Bob 5 ton with 2.5 hardware?

    I have a 5 ton flatbed I want to bob. I was wondering if it was possible to bob it with 2.5 ton parts. I was thinking if they fit, it would provide a slightly softer ride. I dont need to be able to haul heavy loads, so I wouldn't mind a loss in carrying capacity. Thanks for any help...
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    MEP-003 automatic shut down?

    Does the MEP-003 have an automatic shut down system? I was out of power this last weekend and it was working great. It ran for a little over 12 hours and then shut down. I used my old small generator for a little bit and then the power went on. I havent even had a chance to look it over...
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    M817 from Barstow, Military disabled brakes

    I just got my third 5 ton yesterday. I have been haveing a great time playing with and useing them. The most recent one is a M817 that I picked up from Barstow. It is in good shape minus any brakes includeing the parking brake. Tim from GL told me that all of the trucks that they had...
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    MEP 003 fluctuating voltage

    I have a MEP 003 that I replaced the voltage regulator board last weekend. I can adjust the voltage now with the rheostat, but the voltage will not stay steady. The voltage will go up and down approximately 15 volts for a total variation of 30 volts. I tested the output with a voltmeter to...
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    Ground wires on MEP-003

    It is my understanding that there are four ground wires on the 003. One is the negative from the batteries, one is the generator head, one is the slave cable, and the last one comes from the panel. If I look at the back of the grounding bolt should I see all four wires at that point? Jim
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    need TM to test the voltage regulator

    I read the general TM for the MEP-003, but I would like to test the voltage regulator itself to make sure that is my problem. I would also be interested in fixing it myself if possible. Is there another TM I should be reading? Jim
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    MEP-003A voltage problems

    My new to me MEP-003A is putting out 160 volts on the 120 leg and 320 volts on the 240 leg. I try useing the voltage regulator, but I am getting no change in voltage. Does anyone have any ideas as to what to test or replace to get the voltage to what I need? It is running fine at 60 Hertz...
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    MEP-003A hook up question

    My new generator runs great, and the two 110 outlets work fine. I have printed out and read the tm, but I dont fully understand the knob on the full right hand side of the panel that reads voltage and the knob that changes the voltage and phase output. How would I want to set up the...
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    sf-97 for M813A1 in California

    I just bought a M813A1 from GL and I need some help with the paperwork. The data plate has NL07Y7 C325-1007. What year would that be from? Would it be somewhat accurate if I listed it as a Jeep? Is the vin NL07Y7 C325-1007? What is GVWR and empty weight? Thanks for all the...
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    need help with mep-003

    I just bought a mep-003 and I need to read over the tech manual. Does anyone know what TMs cover this generator. I put diesel in it, but the three filter canesters dont have any filters in them what filters should I buy. Is there any reason the fuel would up the first canester, but not the...
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    HEMTT one piece rims

    I received what GL stated were HEMTT rims. I was expecting the two piece rims, but I received solid black one piece rims. They are twelve inches wide and will fit 20 inch tires. Are the rims I received HEMMT rims, and will they work on five ton trucks? Jim
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    wrecker boom control, need help fixing

    I have a m62a2. The boom up down control is not working. It was working fine until I think I pushed the control too far forward. Now it will not go up, I can hear fluid being diverted, but it appears to either lower or bypass the boom up ram. Does anyone have any suggestions on where...
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    multifuel glow plug

    Does the multifuel have a 12 volt glow plug like the cummins. Does it have a separate positive lead that should be hooked up to only one battery. Thank you, Jim
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    Turning fuel down on a multifuel

    I suspect that my multifuel was turned up. It is a M62A2. It will overheat, it has blown a head gasket, and it makes copious amounts of smoke when accelerating. Would a hand held IR thermometer work for takeing temps, and if so where would I take it? Do I, or should I put in a pyro? I have...
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    USPFO loadout in sacramento need lowboy

    I just received my paid in full invoice. I was hopeing that someone had a recommendation on a shipper in the northern california area. I need to move a M813A1 from Sacramento to Merced. Any suggestions would be appreciated. I will try U-ship if there arent any strong recommendations...
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    primer and ospho??

    I have some surface rust on my m62a2 and I am planning on doing a paint job soon. I will be treating the rust with ospho and I was wondering if I need to or should hit the truck with some primer prior to paint. I will be using gillespie. If I should use primer are there any special types...
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    accessing photo gallery

    Where do I find the photo gallery? Thank You, Jim Conley
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    5 ton designation

    I am sure there is a simple explanation, but what does 5 ton designate? Does "5 ton" relate to some measurement of some kind? Thank You, Jim Conley
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