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    OK, going crazy here....who was doing the home build 8x8 Puma SdKfz 234?

    Years ago, I could swear that someone out there was doing a home build on one, for reenactments. From what I recall, they completed it....and now I can't find anything about it on the 'net. Anyone remember this, or have a link I can do a follow up on?
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    3 or 4 color Woodland or desert camo on motorcycles?

    Does anyone have any pics of bikes in the old 3 or 4 color? Plenty of stuff out there that's shot in lusterless FG, but I can't recall seeing any two wheeled - or for that matter three or four wheeled vehicles, done in woodland. I've got a project bike I'm working on, and I'm trying to research...
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    Military use for 6x6 and 8x8 amphibious ATV's?

    Other than the 8x8 made by Hustler as a tank trainer - has anyone else seen any military use for the 6x6 ATV's like the Attex, Hustler, Argo? I've seen one photo of a 6x6, it's the background of a shot of the tank trainer - has what looks like a radio mount, rollbar, etc. Could be a Hustler from...
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    Are Wiesels being released now?

    Someone on another forum just posted a slightly modified Wiesel, obviously at a camp or show. I haven't heard about them being released, or even parts being released, but if anyone knows something...... Or for that matter if anyone has parts for them, I'd like to hear about that too!
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    Any idea what antenna this is, and what system?

    Spotted several of these today, they look a bit like Hi-Q antennas - but if anyone actually knows what they are, before I try calling Hi-Q, that'd help. I'm looking for a mobile NVIS/DX setup for both the M35 and the Suburban.
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    Slim chance but what the heck..Praga V3S?

    Any owners here, or at the least interested parties? I'd like to get some idea as to how many there actually are in North America. I'll have the chance to buy one, but unless I can get spares with it...I'll probably pass. Never hurts to do some research though. So.....anyone?
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    SoCal HMMWV wheel source?

    Hey guys, anyone know of a decent 12 bolt wheel source in SoCal, or even Arizona? I've already got a call out to Walker in Hesperia, ads out in CL locally, but nothing so far. Contacted one guy in Phoenix, but he doesn't seem to understand English so I gave up on him. Anyone in San Diego or...
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    OK, time to get rid of some of these tires...

    I've got to clean out some of this area for other projects....11.00x20 Michelin XL's, 11.00x16 Michelins, some 9.00x20 NDCC's, etc. Some wheels too. Come to think of it, if there's someone in Southern California looking for any tires for their trucks, let me know and I'll bet I can get them for...
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    Need a crank handle for the landing gear...M105A2

    Twin wheel USMC version, if that matters. I think it's a 5/8" OD shaft. Folding handle on it too......anyone got any leads? Thanks! Greg
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    Any ideas what this PTO is for? Deuce? M37? or???

    OK, went through my pile (s) today, and pulled this PTO out - can anyone ID it? It came with a load of WC parts, but I don't think it's WC. well hell, that didn't work. Images are in my folder in the photo gallery...I need to find out how to post them here.
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    Front leaf them? Buy newer? Buy NOS?

    Well, my sagging leafs are finally going to get dealt with this summer. They're getting close to being a reverse arch, ala K-5 Blazers, etc. Not a good thing. I've called National, and they quoted $700 to remove, and rebuild both spring packs - re-arch, add two new leafs, replace all...
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    SoCal....who needs tires? I'm going to get some this week...

    9.00x20's, 11.00x20's, 14.00x20's, etc. 12.5x20 XL are spotty, but sometimes I find them. Let me know if you're looking for something - I'll get prices. Personally, I'm going there to get some 11.00x20 XL's.
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    Need some feedback here...

    Dammit, I hate when this happens. 1984 6.2 M1008, small lift, Al wheels, bed cap, new BFG's, no rust, OK body......but might need new powerplant. Good deal or not for $600? Yeah, I'm serious. I know the parts alone are worth that...but I'll be damned i I have another parts truck sitting out...
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    I'm getting an urge to get a 275A2......

    I've been thinking about the shorter wheelbase for years now...possibility that I might lose my M35A2 to pick up a M275A2 tractor. Anyone seen them on GL lately? Or what are the going rates for the tractors? Decisions, decisions..........
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    Tower Park, CA meet? Who's going?

    Just curious. I'm starting to stock up on tires to take up there...if anyone's going to be there, feel free to make a request. Won't be taking the deuce, just the Dodge and a trailer, if I get enough requests. I can get 9.00x20's, 11.00x20's, 14.00x20's. Also sometimes 11.00x16, 12.5x20 and...
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