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    My 003a won’t stay running

    I was running my Mep 003 during a power outage when it suddenly quit. The fuel pump was still running/pumping,but the engine just stopped. I turned the start switch and it fired right back up and continued to run until I shut it off after the power outage (4 hours). Yesterday we had another...
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    Can any of you guys with a tachometer tell me what rpm a 998 Hmmwv is running at 50 mph? Turbo 400 3 spd with 218 transfer.
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    1/2 ton verses 3/4 ton drive train

    Are there any of the drive line components interchangeable?
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    Slow reving/low power 6.5

    Hi guys, have a 998 with a get 6.5. Starts and idles ok,but is so sluggish,it is not usable in high range. Air cleaner is ok. I'm getting 7-8 psi out of the fuel filter. So I'm leaning towards injection pump or timing issues? Any thoughts? and yes,I bought it this way,so I have 0 history...
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    mep 002 ip problem

    have a stickey ip throttle linkage.that is the ip pump linkage won't move up when the start solenoid is engaged. thought i saw this covered in the past,but i can't find it.i assume it's varnished from sitting-although it's a 06 rebuild. can the ip be partialy disaembled and cleaned?
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    starting problems

    have been driving a 1008 for over 2 years. lately it has been starting hard. cranks a long time before starting. has new batteries,fuel filter,fuel pump. still no luck. sometimes it's so bad ,it will not start. also have checked out glow plugs and system-working fine. appears the ip is nxt,but...
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    starter problems

    1009 keeps breaking starter bolts. have tried shim-no shim,no luck.any suggestions???
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    glow plug controler card

    does anyone know where i could find a contol card???????
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