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  1. m16ty

    M35A3 Power Assist Steering Problems

    That's been my experience. I may mount a valve on mine and give disconnecting the assist a try. It's bound to help but I'm not so sure it will solve all the issues. Part of the problem is the small amount the torque valve moves in and out, causing slack.
  2. m16ty

    M35A3 Power Assist Steering Problems

    Mine isn't broken. I was just going to take it apart to see what the condition was and just out of curiosity. When I ran into the steel pins I quit. I think they purposely designed it where it couldn't be easily disassembled, possibly for liability reasons and so you'd have to send it to them...
  3. m16ty

    M35A3 Power Assist Steering Problems

    You rebuild the cylinder or the drag link sensor? I've had a sensor laying on my workbench and I never could find out how to get it apart. Best I remember is was assembled with steel pins in blind holes to prevent disassembly.
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