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    Screamin" Engine

    Hello--took my M1009 out for a spin a few weeks ago. Started right up with no problems. Took it out on the highway close to my home and was going up a fairly steep hill, when, all of a sudden. the engine revs up and begins screaming as it went up the hill. I don't ever recall my engine doing...
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    Power steering bracket

    Hello--went outside this morning to check on my CUCV Blazer, when l noticed one of the fan belts was sagging. Upon closer inspection, l discovered that the bracket that holds the power steering reservoir had broken and it was hanging there, with the fan belt also drooping. Has anyone ever had...
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    The starter is the weak link!

    I posted a complaint about my M1009 about a month ago that the starter had gone bad for the third time. Had it towed to a local GM/Buick dealer who installed yet another starter on my truck. Ran perfectly until this past week when l turned the ignition key, and all that happened was that the...
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    Anyone know why?

    Drove my ' 86 CUCV Blazer most of the day around town. Ran like a charm. Pulled in front of my house to get something, and went back out to leave again, and the Blazer wouldn't start. Just made the familiar clicking noise of a starter gone bad. This will be 4th starter that l have had to...
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    Reving problem

    Hello--I own an '86 M1009 in excellent condition with 55K. Last summer, I had a new IP installed and it ran perfect up until about a month ago. The problem I am now having is that for reasons unknown, the idle speed on the engine will suddenly increase, then go back to normal idle. Then, the...
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    Smoky start up

    Hello--I have a '86 M1009. After having a new injector pump installed last month, my Blazer runs great now--but, for some strange reason, I am getting a of smoke on start-up--more than before the pump had to be replace. Does anyone have any thoughts about this? Is there an additive I can add...
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    Idle adjustment

    I need to increase the idle speed on my M1009. Is there an easy way to do this? Thanks in advance. T Lovinggood.
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    Injection pump

    Hello--can anyone suggest a source for the injection pump for the m1009? Thanks in advance. Tom Lovinggood
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    Been sitting, now won't start

    Hello--'68 CUCV Blazer in great shape. Has been sitting for three months. I went to start it this morning. Plenty of juice to turn motor over. Ran for about 15 seconds, then died, and would not start after that, even though the engine turned over. Have almost a full tank of gas. I am...
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    Air Horn not fitting

    Hello--I have recently purchased an air horn that fits onto our air filter housing in my M1009. However, I am having trouble orienting it so that it fits into the engine bay. If it is oriented towards the left front head light, it runs into the heater hose. If I orient it towards the right...
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    Radiator Grill Cover

    Hello. I have recently purchased a cold weather grill cover for my M1009. I am at a loss as to how to install it. I understand that the snaps install on top of the radiator support, but, the lower part doesn't fit. Do you have to remove the bumper to install it? Thanks in advance. Tom Lovinggood
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    Main Seal Leak M1009

    Has anyone had their main engine seal leak? I have apparently developed a leak in my M1009? Thanks in advance. Tom Lovinggood
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    Towing with M1009

    Hello--does anyone know the towing capacity for the 1009? I am sure that it is somewhere in the TM's but I just did not want to dig through them. Thanks in advance Tom Lovinggood
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    M1009 has loud idle

    Hello--I have an 86 M1009 that is in great condition, but I notice that when the engine is idling, it seems to be very loud. When I put it into gear and drive, the idle goes away. Does anyone have any thoughts about this? Thanks in advance Tom Lovinggood
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    Speedometer Housing

    How many teeth should the speedo gear have that fits into the speedometer housing? thanks in advance Tom Lovinggood
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    Where can I find the DH relay?

    Hello-I am looking for a "dog head" relay. Does it have another name? Can someone suggest a location or part number where I might find one? Thanks in advance Tom Lovinggood
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    Hello--my Voltmeter in my '86 just shot craps--anyone have a suggestion for a replacement? Thanks in advance Tom Lovinggood
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    Dumb question

    Hello--I have a question about my CUCV Blazer--are both altenators in the vehicle 12 volt or is one a 24 volt and the other a 12 volt? Thanks in advance Tom Lovinggood
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    Oil Cooler Line Leak

    Hello--I have an '86 CUCV Blazer. Today, it developed a small pin-hole leak in one of the oil cooler lines. Of course, the leak proceeded to spray oil all over the engine bay. Does someone have a P/N or source for the line? I might as well replace both of them. The other option would be to...
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    Air Duct for Air Cleaner

    Hello--I have an '86 Blazer CUCV. I see that there is an opening on the side of the air cleaner that appears to be configured for some type of air duct. After looking at several other CUCV's on Ebay, it appears that no such air duct is present. Is there supposed to be one there? Thanks in...
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