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    New FLU419 Owner, Electrical Woes

    I purchased a FLU419 over the weekend, it is amazing! My engine starts instantly and runs great, trans is solid, hydraulics and hydraulic tools work well. My problem is that no electrical system is working. I replaced all the relays and fuses I could find. My on dash voltmeter does not read any...
  2. J

    Pickup Tube Help

    My truck runs perfect on a full tank of fuel. After I run through about 4 gallons of fuel I occasionally begin to get air in the fuel line. At half a tank I can drive 30 seconds at fuel throttle and then air gets in the line and it looses throttle until more fuel gets into the line. At 1/4 tank...
  3. J

    Ctis restoration

    I have these wheels currently on my truck and will be switching to the wheels in the second photo. Is it possible to get the ctis to work with the newer style wheels? Or am I better off remounting the new tires to the existing wheels? Also does anyone know if a forum dealer has some banjo bolts?
  4. J

    HIMARS cab on a M1078

    Has anyone attempted this? I suddenly find myself in possession of both a M1078 with cab damage to the roof, and a never installed super clean HIMARS cab. :jumpin: Hopefully it is pretty straight forward... Time to read the technical manuals.
  5. J

    Fuel Problem, Yoyoing between WOT and Idle

    My truck has had all of the fuel lines replaced, the tank dropped and cleaned, new filters, new water fuel separator, and a new air vent line. The problem I am having is that I can run at WOT for a brief interval and then the engine stops reving and idles while the truck downshifts and slows...
  6. J

    What are you paying for insurance on your M1078?

    What are you paying for auto insurance? I am shopping around for quotes. What should I expect?
  7. J

    Leaking orange stuff

    What am I leaking and how do I fix it? The leak is dripping from the bottom of that cylinder. The fluid is translucent orange/red.
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