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    Found my first ever Military Radio today, a PRC-10.

    Hello. So while I was out today checking out flea markets yard sales and pawn shops just basically spending a day walking around enjoying myself, the last place that I stopped was a pawn shop and they had this PRC- 10 radio on the Shelf. I've had the battery boxes for these radios and some of...
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    M101a2 with HardTop Conversion to Power Center and Camper

    I have a M101a2 Trailer with Hard Top, that Im wanting to convert into a Self Contained Power Center and Camper. I have not had much time to work on it this summer due to the crazy heat, so now im only a week away from a 4 day Ham Radio Show Im doing in Shelby North Carolina and im 2 months...
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    The BIG Military History Expo and 6th Annual Gun Show Vero Beach Florida

    I looked over events before posting this to see if anyone was talking about it because I had a question! If this is wrong area or there is a Post already I understand removing or relocating my post! I was wondering if anyone has been to this event and if so is it a good event? This would mean...
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    Getting my M1009 ready for road trips!

    Welcome to my 1 month project to get ready for spring traveling in February! Well after months of looking for a truck to buy for road trips with my business I have decided to use my M1009! Its been a great truck these past two years we have had it since purchase from Gunnermac! Now its time...
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    My New M101A1 Trailer with a surprise! Purchased today for my M1009

    Hi all got something new to add to my M1009 today! I purchased this M101A1 Trailer today at a great price with a like new cover on it! It has both the original tail lights with pigtail and a set of added tail lights with a flat plug. Data plate says 1968. Now for the surprise! This trailer is...
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    Athens GA Local Memorial Weekend Support for The Some Gave All Moving Wall

    Athens GA Local Memorial Weekend Need Support for "The Some Gave All Moving Wall" Hi all; The Some Gave All Wall Moving Tribute will be open to be viewed by everyone daily Friday May 27th 12pm to dark, Saturday May 28th 10am to dark and Sunday May 29th 10am to dark. All is welcome! We are...
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    My first MV Looking at the M816

    Hay guys I wanted to get some advice about my first possible MV purchase some time this year. I have been watching some of the M816 6X6 5 Ton wrecker trucks on the GL site seeing what they are going for. My wife thinks I'm crazy I just tell he it big just like me and she married me....who's...
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    Hello from NE Georgia

    Hello All, My name is Bobby im from the Athens area of North Georgia. I was told about this sight from a fellow hobbyist in my area that has several jeeps and truck he likes to show around town. Im hoping to be joining yall at this years Ga Rally with my friend.
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