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    Transmission wont engage in 5th gear

    Hey guys trouble in paradise …my transmission wont go in 5th gear ,thought it was bad gear and clutches and all …changed all that ,oil clean inside out. I have noticed that I have no air coming to the transmission 😞😞 could that be causing it.I just lost a transmission which basically was cracked...
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    M939 Transmission not engaging after swap.

    Trouble in paradise ..had trouble with my transmission dropped and took a good one from another truck. trouble is, it stays in first gear and won't go pass that...first I thought It was the fluid ..checked out good. Checked the pipes, air supply line checked good. Ended up draining the tran for...
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    MEP-803A Generator won't start ..

    Ok recently purchased this generator off gov and all fluid were drained .I put the oils,coolant,new batteries and fuel to their appropriate level.i turned the knob and nothing is showing on the gauges,tried the inside switch ,the motor only turned and almost run with starting fluid ..I know bad...
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    Transmission on my m939 series ..issues :((

    Hey guys ! Need some input here ,I have had some issues with my truck,each time I drive it,it’s seems the Truck takes too long to engage in third gear and so the first thought was charging the filter and fluid..did that nothing or little change..second I adjusted the throttle and...
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    My 923 keeps ''Rocking""

    Ok gentlemen this is really bizarre, my truck still giving me issues after I believe was heavily focussed to get out of a hole,and somehow the transfer case seems to engage fine ,but the issue is whenever the truck is engaged in drive it keeps ''rocking'' and then tries to cut off and does...
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    Transfer case switch on M923

    Hey guys could someone give me information on the transfer case switch, I know these trucks are supposed to be driven in high but how do you turn the switch or convert to avoid damaging the tc.will appreciate a lot.
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    M923 weird issues going on.

    Ok Guys , here is my situation,my brother drove my M923(NHC250),off road and went through some rough terrains and now tells me that when he engages the truck in 1-5 the truck ''jerks or drags'' until he puts back in 1-2 it drives fine and has the jerking issues when he puts the truck in reverse...
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    Found fuel in the crankcase and a hard start

    Hey guys ! I recently bought a 1967 Kaiser and I have some issues, its giving me a hard start and also I found some level of fuel in the crank case besides the loss of power, its also giving me some really black smoke and white..hopefully i can get some help this is my new project.
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    M923 Air Brake Lines Accidentialy Switched

    I took my truck to the shop and some idiot mixed up the brake lines. I'm in desperate need of some sort of blue print/instruction sheet to properly connect the lines to my boosters. Each time when I'm driving and I use the brakes, it's as though I'm engaging the hand brake. The vechile can go...
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    Oil in my air filter M927

    Hey guys ! for some reason I seem to be getting oil in my air filter..and I'm wondering what in the world could be causing temps and oil pressure are perfect changed my transfer case recently after the old one basically shattered in micro junks( driving low in reverse : ) ! hopefully...
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    My AM GENERAL M927 Does a pull back or strong change down either in 3rd 0r 2nd gear.

    Hey guys ... I need help with my AM General M927 , Each time 'am driving and I have to come to a stop I hear a strong pull back,when the gears are dis-engaging and I was wondering what could be causing that.. I spoke with one mechanic and he mentioned something about adjusting the idle to bring...
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    My M927 air lock issues

    Hey guys , am having air lock issues with my M927,I have to keep priming each each time i have to start the truck even after moving for 50miles,it seems the fuel rushes back to the tank before I can even step a foot out of the truck !! I checked the fuel lines even the elbows on top of the fuel...
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