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  1. 73m819

    Needing a driver - eastern US move of stuff

    Call me 703/389/6705
  2. 73m819

    Proud American Guntruck History

    Just found out that LT. Jim Biard was elected to congress as a (R) Rep. from Indiana, as it was once said of him to the medics as he was medi-vaced out "take care of the LT., he is a good one", AND he STILL IS. He lost his arm when the Proud American died after taking a hit from a rpg right...
  3. 73m819

    fifth wheel assembly informations

    There were two makers of the m52 fifth wheel, International Harvester Co, Inc. (IHC) Dayton Steel Foundry Co. (DSF) There WILL be a embossed id (one of the two (xxx)) somewhere on most of the big parts, the fifth wheels are the same with the parts interchanging, ALL the above info. is from...
  4. 73m819

    Desplining 5t hubs

    We have a ad for a deslpining service for front hubs from 2 2/1 and 5t trucks, link below, sorry, I do not know how to just put up a named link so posted the true link Fist off desplined hubs are the way to go UNLESS you...
  5. 73m819

    What to check when buying a humvee

    The first thing to do is to look for signs that it was NOT used as a wheel chock for a big real truck.
  6. 73m819

    Torsen Differential

    This is what EATON calls the slipping assembly "CLUTCH ASSEMBLY", the 08 has a Eaton locker and according to the Eaton rep. the need for both ends of a locker axle to be the same to avoid extreme ware applies to ALL locker style axles no matter the type of locker.
  7. 73m819

    5 ton Sprag Switch

    You read my fist post WRONG, I did NOT say "air spring control switches", I DID say "trans. air sprig control switches" This mod is so simple, all it is turning on/off the air supply to the transmission poppet valves, How you do it is up to you, this could be anything from vice grips on the...
  8. 73m819

    5 ton Sprag Switch

    The deuce air switch has a built in air release when in out/off position.
  9. 73m819

    Torsen Differential

    When I talked to Eaton about a 08 locker issue, I was told that ALL lockers need the axle tires need to be as close in size as possible, brake drag be as close as possible or EXTREAM ware WILL cause failure, in the 08s case, it had a brake try to lock up which in turn burnt the clutch so it no...
  10. 73m819

    Remove Front Bucket Loader

    Very easy, can be done by one person but TWO make it REAL easy, using a WRECKER makes this a ONE person, 10 min. operation then :beer:.
  11. 73m819

    5 ton Sprag Switch

    The MWO was not a total unit (all 39/809 series) but a user unit mwo meaning a unit using a 39/809 had a choice of installing the mwo or not. I got the mwo info from "Military Vehicle Magazine" about 2000, the reason given for this mwo was that soldiers were getting injured and trucks were...
  12. 73m819

    50/50 crude oil mix

    All I can say is, it is your truck, your money, do as you want. There is a lot of reasons why crude is not used straight or even 1/2 and 1/2 as fuel, if it was this easy to filter and then use, a lot of companies would be out of business, it is not the big stuff in crude but ALL the other stuff...
  13. 73m819

    Remove Front Bucket Loader

    It is not hard, use a 55 gal. drum, place a 2x6 or 8 across it, set the cross bar on the drum with bucket on ground, remove bolts, use bucket to lift frame out of brackets, put a piece of wood in each bracket, set frame down on wood, disconnect hoses, MARK THE PAIRS, back up slow while making...
  14. 73m819

    Another 5ton towing scenario question

    Really the overload of the tires and wheels is not much of a issue, just put heavier rated tires and wheels on, as far a total weight, just get a yearly overweight permit, dump the bed, replace it with a cw support frame work with pins for the cws to sit on. As far as the axles go, the 5t axles...
  15. 73m819

    Another 5ton towing scenario question

    Not really, a GOOD air wrench will be your friend AND clean threads.
  16. 73m819

    Another 5ton towing scenario question

    The idea is fine, it is the springs that might get hurt, that is why going to wrecker walking beam suspension would be the way to fix the spring issue and make the springs a NON issue, look at this way, you may go for ever and not break a spring, great but if you do break a spring the cw truck...
  17. 73m819

    Another 5ton towing scenario question

    I think I see what you want to do, you want to have the cw next to the crane so it can swing around so you can pin up the cw, I do not see why this would not work. If you do this set up to ovoid breaking springs, I would use WRECKER walking beam suspension in stead of the stock one
  18. 73m819

    Self Recovery Querstions M936A1

    I do not believe a 939 front winch can be used while powering the wheels, the -10 WILL have ALL the info on this issue that you are looking for.
  19. 73m819

    20k Garwood winch install on a Deuce

    It is not so much a spring issue but a axle itself loading issue, the front axle is very close to max loading with the deuce winch.
  20. 73m819

    20k Garwood winch install on a Deuce

    Just remember that will be a LOT of weight on the front axle, a lot more then a deuce winch.
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