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  1. majortom

    M715 Front disc brake conversion

    If you have a stock 715 and drive it occasionally an average 45mph, the stock brakes do work although they are prone to pull left or right regardless of adjustment. I have owned many 715s. They are wonderful trucks with a Chevy V8, auto tranz and power steering. Yesterday, I did a 250 mile round...
  2. majortom

    M715 Front disc brake conversion

    I have several hotrod M715s. The weakest link on these trucks is the brakes. At one time, a disc brake conversion was sold by helitool, uglytruckling. Every time I tried to buy the kit, he was completely unresponsive. I have not found anyone else that has this conversion kit for sale. So, at...
  3. majortom

    725 needs

    Has anybody got a 725 ambulance body for parts? I am trying to complete my restoration before the Iola military show next month. If you know of somebody that has one, please put me in contact with them. I have listed the specific pieces under "parts wanted". Appreciate any help. Thanks! Tom...
  4. majortom

    Wis. UNRESTRICTED USE for milvehs info

    WiscDOT has exceeded their authority. They are applying laws that didn't even exist when some of these vehicles were built. They are taking people's registrations away because their truck has been repainted and in general are trying to remove not only military vehicles but most other collector...
  5. majortom

    35A3 rims

    I just posted a set of Super Single rims in the classifieds. I prefer to sell them to one of you guys instead of ebaying them.
  6. majortom

    10 ton restored on Alfa

    Glad To See You Guys All Yappin' 'Bout My Truck. Connie Is A 1969 Consolidated Diesel Electric M123 A1C. This Truck Was In Service Hauling Tracked Vehicles Including The A1 Between Fort McCoy Wisconsin And Little Falls Minnesota. It Originally Had A V8 300 Cummins Connie Along With Its Two...
  7. majortom

    High Range problem, HELP

    no time to email back in shop on tues call 715 449 2141
  8. majortom

    6.2 GMC Engine swap

    i am pulling a 366 w/ alison out uf a gmc because it gets 4 mph on a good day. th400 is an excelent tranz, but top gear is 1:1. 700r4 tranys have issues, especally the early ones. i like them because the parts and knowhow to bulletproof them is out there. i have a built 700 behind a 450hp...
  9. majortom

    6.2 GMC Engine swap

    Several people have asked if there are any specific problems with slamming a 6.2 diesel engine & trans in a GMC M series 6x6. The original 302 engine was governed at 3600 rpms giving the truck a top speed of 61 mph on 1100x20s. A 6.2 engine with the 400 turbo trans as fitted to a CUCV would be...
  10. majortom

    Racing Jimmies

    I will make sure that somebody gets good video. As far as the race prep we choose three identical M135s. They have been outfitted with Civilian distributors, Reamed out carb jets, glass packs, Steel roofs, Five point belts, Etc. We removed the beds, original fuel tanks, spare mounts, etc. to...
  11. majortom

    Racing Jimmies

    For thirty years we have supplied technical information for GMC M series we have fixed more of these trucks than you have ever seen in your life. We have also chopped up over 200. If you don't like the fact that were racing these trucks, you should of reached in your back pocket and bought them...
  12. majortom

    Racing Jimmies

    In Wisconsin we have long winters & good beer, so we have a tendency to come up with some, uh, let's say unusual ideas. Those of you that know me, understand I have a thing for M series GMCs. Well, we're having a party on July 18th and needed something different to do. We now have 3 race...
  13. majortom

    Summer Upper Midwest MV Party!!

    Everyone is invited! It's an all day party, July 18th, hosted by Red Arrow MVPA and Tom Zat & crew at Alfa Heaven, Inc. Starting apprx 9:00am: Shop tours, Tech Sessions, Museum tours. Lunch Break. 12:30pm Duece & a half racing. We supply truck and track. (see picture). 6:00pm Pot luck...
  14. majortom

    10 ton tires

    Hey guys, I just posted 6 1400-24s with tubes & flaps under classified parts. If you need some, take a look.
  15. majortom

    North to Alaska

    Jan and Roy, pickin' up their XM211 from Tom in Aniwa, Wisconsin headin' out to Arctic Circle Hot Springs, Alaska.
  16. majortom

    2nd 10 Ton Tractor

    ok you got four, that makes you a sick puppy. i got eight so is ten tonitis spreading?
  17. majortom

    Door Latch Repair

    I just posted a door latch repair article under early deuce, (GMC).
  18. majortom

    Door Latch Repair

    I just posted a door latch repair article under early deuce (GMC).
  19. majortom

    Door Latch Repair

    I just posted how to repair the door latch under early deuce. (GMC)
  20. majortom

    M Series Door Latch Repair

    The following information is how to repair the common failure of the door latch mechanism used on M series 2 1/2 , 5 & 10 ton trucks is also applicable to M37 Dodge. We get many calls for door latches due to internal failure causing the outside handle not to function. The left latch is...
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