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  1. RodUSMC1962

    FREE mite bows and top

    Free to a good home m422-a1 bows and top. Top needs minor repair in stitching, never been on a mite. I just don`t need these anymore. Local pick up only, 100 miles from Chicago,40 miles from South Bend. If you reply leave phone number, I have trouble with replying to a pm, thanks Rod.
  2. RodUSMC1962

    wire numbers for deuce

    could someone post the wire numbers for deuce tail and break lights for me? I found the sticky but can`t enlarge it enough to read. Thanks Rod.
  3. RodUSMC1962

    site takes me back to front page when clicking out of a post

    I had this problem before, went away ,now back. When viewing a post, when I click out of it, site takes me all the way back to top of page, or all the way back to front page, can anyone help? No other problems. Thanks, Rod.
  4. RodUSMC1962

    Can`t return to next post

    With the new format I can`t get system to go to the next post. It goes all the way back to the first post. Before the change I could view a post and click out and system would take me back to that post and all I had to do was click on next post.Now it takes me back to the top of page, what am I...
  5. RodUSMC1962

    Mighty Mite Pics

    Hi Gents, Here are pictures of my two Mighty Mites, & my M416 trailer. Post up your pics!
  6. RodUSMC1962

    annoying questioneer

    Does any one else have problem with a survey popping up and not allowing access to ss and wont let you bypass it unless you X out and start all over? I had this problem awhile back, went away, and is back now big time.Some times I have to go through this several times before I can get in.
  7. RodUSMC1962

    NAPA m-35 parts?

    Hi guys:I tried a search with no results,maybe I am doing something wrong.Anyhow does NAPA stock m-35 gasser valve cover gaskets and oil filters, and if so what stock numbers? Thanks,Rod
  8. RodUSMC1962

    Deuce hard to start when hot

    Hi folks: I have a 1952 studebaker gasser that is very hard to start when hot. I had the carb rebuilt,points,plugs,etc.Use a lead additive with no results. I am told to move the fuel line as far away from the block as possable,and one guy who is very knowledgeable with dueces says to add 1 quart...
  9. RodUSMC1962

    new mighty mite posts

    I would like to see more mighty mite posts to get m422 owners engaged in asking questions offering info like other owners do.I realize there are not as many of us but I think some of us have the interest' thanks rodusmc1962.
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