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    Mep-806A coolant temperature sender source needed

    Hello, I'm working on an 806A for someone and the coolant temp sender in the corner of the head is broken. ( somehow the wire and center pin have come out of the casing and were dangling behind the head ) Looked in the TM and it gives a PN of: Beede 127341 , 5905-01-376-0985 , 88-21742...
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    Mep-806A temperature sender source needed

    Hey guys, I'm working on an 806A for a guy and the temp gage sender in the back corner of the head is broken ( physically broken! ) Looked in the TM and on line and it looks like I need: Beede 127341 , 5905-01-376-0985 , 88-21742 After a little internet searching I really did not come up with...
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    LPW2/4 12V starter suggestion

    Hello Guys, I was wondering if anyone out there has repurposed an LPW2 from an 802A for a 12V application and if so, what did you use for a starter? My 11 year old son took one of my spare motors and swapped it into his JD 425 tractor, because it was there..... I guess.... Due to a lack of room...
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    Mep-002A 003A 004A 005A Drop in Spin on Fuel filter adapter

    Last week I mentioned developing an easy to use spin-on fuel filter adapter for use rather than the the WIX 24470 Here is a look at the first production parts off the CNC machine and mounted on my 002A for your viewing pleasure. These adapters drop right in place of the original Fram canister...
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    Missouri resident needed to assist shipping an MEP-003A to RI

    Hello everyone, I'm looking for a resident or someone in the Gerald Missouri area who would be interested in helping me recover an Mep-003A generator that needs to be shipped to RI? I just need someone to pick it up in Gerald and I will coordinate getting it shipped from your location to me...
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    Yanmar L70 injector info Mep-016D

    Hello guys, looking for a little info on the Yanmar L70 in an MEP-016D. I have a customer with 2 of them, both around 150 hours. He lives off-grid and these are his sole power source. One of them cooked it's regulator so last week I did an sx460 replacement along with some other upgrades. This...
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    Looking for Chad from MA.

    Thought I would try posting here... I'm trying to get in touch with a guy named Chad from MA. He owns an M35A2 I believe, as well as 2 MEP-701's ( currently in my shop ) So I was hoping maybe he checks this forum occasionally. I was repairing his generators for him and unfortunately I have...
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    Ambac M50 injection pump, couple tips

    Hello everyone, I've rebuilt a few more Mep-002a / 003a injection pumps over the last few weeks and pulled out a bit of hair trying to figure out a problem on one! So I thought I would share a couple new things I have learned. #1 when reviving a machine that has been sitting and has a stuck...
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    A tale of two timing buttons

    So about a year ago I had acquired a M1061 radio trailer with 2 beautiful MEP-003AASK's, one with 3 hours, the other with 6. One of which I did a nice restoration on, which I had posted pictures of. ( all it really needed was paint work and the typical fuel system work from sitting since 1989 )...
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    Mep-701A Injection Pump rebuild / repair question

    Hello guys, I'm working on a couple 701's for someone and I've got a question on the fuel metering pump which I can not seem to find an answer to in any of the TM's The machine's speed control / governor is working exactly opposite of how it should, such that moving the fuel lever to the left...
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    Generator Painting and Stenciling

    Hello everyone, Daybreak has asked me to start a new thread with this info so that it can be pointed to from a sticky for easy accessibility. I purchased a set of stencils that I had custom made by a place on-line called Custom Cut stencils. Attached are the proofs I used to purchase the...
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    Need an MEP-803 picked up in South Vienna Ohio

    Hello, I'm looking for someone to transport an MEP-803A gen. from the GP site in South Vienna Ohio to either RI or anywhere near New England, sometime in the next 2 weeks.
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    MEP_003A Plunger guide question

    Hello guys, I have a question regarding an MEP-003A that I'm working on. It is a machine with 6 original hours on it, has been sitting a very long time. I purchased 2 of them on a M1061 trailer from a nearby municipality. I went through the machine doing all the regular pre-start stuff, flush...
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    MEP-802/3A Vs 002/003A Frequency gage / Transducer operation

    Hello everyone, I tried looking to see if this has been discussed before, but didn't find anything so.... I'm wondering if anyone knows if the operation of the frequency transducer and gage is the same between the 802/3 and 002/3? Yesterday I picked up a really nice trailer mounted 002A...
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    Any interest in Compression tester adapters for the MEP-802A and 803A?

    Hello guys, I was wondering if I could your feedback as to if any of you working on the DN2M DN4M LPW2 LPW4 motors would have any interest in a compression gage adapter for these motors? I made 2 for myself and they helped out a lot on several machines, so I was wondering if anyone else might...
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    MEP-803A cranking cylinder pressure

    Hello everyone, I was wondering if anyone here knows what the typical cylinder cranking pressure should be on a typical LPW2 or LPW4 motor? I've been working on several of these and I'm finding some at about 250psi and some closer to 200-220 psi. From reading, these motors are supposed to be...
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    MEP-803A Pegs fuel gage all the way down past empty.

    I just got done fixing one of my MEP-803A's that was randomly pegging the fuel gauge all the way to the left. It was pegged down when I bought it, so I swapped in a known good gage out of another 803' and it seemed fine. I load tested the machine for about an hour, then shut it down. Next time I...
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    Aqua Chem WTA-060 Water purification trailer

    Hello Everyone, A friend and I recently picked up an Aqua Chem water purification unit from GP. Basically it was bought for the 806B generator mounted on it, and for the storage container the water system is mounted in. I was wondering if anyone here would have any suggestions on places to...
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    My latest MEP-003A acquisition

    Thought I'd share a little story ( with a happy ending for a change ) about my recent GL purchase of another MEP-003A. I previously had a total of 6 MEP generators, got them all fixed up and tested and sold them all, so I was starting to have Green Machine withdrawl symptoms and needed to buy...
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    HMMWV headlight trim rings got stolen

    So the other day a friend of mine finally got his EUC cleared to pick up his HMMWV in PA. Its been months since he bought it and of course someone pilfered his headlights and retaining rings before his EUC cleared. So, I don't see any rings in the classifieds and was wondering if anyone here on...
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