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    My truck got a small part in a movie..

    Do you get check every time your truck is on TV? ;)
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    Glad nobody was hurt. Minimizing the chances of this kind of event is why I stayed with stock tire size/lift when upgrading my machine.
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    I'm not sure if govplanet is serious or not

    The exhaust snorkel might be salvageable.
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    I'm not sure if govplanet is serious or not

    For auction, opening bid $1,800: 2009 AM General M1123 HMMWV 2 Door w/Truck Body
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    Shipping NY to AZ - Any Idea

    PM sent
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    Shipping NY to AZ - Any Idea

    I’ve reached out to Julie, she will probably get back tonight when done driving for the day.
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    Shipping NY to AZ - Any Idea

    Julie will not come to Long Island afaik which is common with a lot of the transports. When you try to locate somebody see if you can meet them outside of the New York City area and you will have much better results and save money.
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    Shipping NY to AZ - Any Idea

    Julie Dominesey is great. She did my NY - Colorado recently.
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    Can an M1165A1 carry a snowmobile?

    I do need an M1152A1 but not for this - that’s not my truck in the photo. I use a trailer to carry my snow machines like a normal person!
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    Can an M1165A1 carry a snowmobile?

    Yes. Yes it can.
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    What have you done to your HMMWV today/lately

    Hey J, tell me you don’t love those KO2s in the snow. Mine have been unstoppable out here in the Colorado high country, I have driven them through feet of now with no issues. You just have to remember to pump the brakes when stopping.
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    Does Anyone Know These Humvee Armored Doors?

    I have not seen those before, but they are interesting looking.
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    Gov Planet zero accountability

    On a montana title, your code should be "LL" for suburban/SUV. I've had to have a title reissued on account of that once (they mistakenly listed "truck", which triggers a huge fee increase on my local toll roads).
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    Gov Planet zero accountability

    Yes what a hassle. You can sue govplanet for misrepresentation, if the auction ad said that the vehicle sold with a clean title. Unfortunately when you read the legal fine print you'll need to sue them in some bumblespit town in Washington State, so good luck with that. So pay to wash the...
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    HMMWV prices are sure coming up

    The number of items listed at govplanet has been shrinking for many weeks, and the "inventory" email is suspicious. Maybe it's nothing but I feel like something could be afoot.
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    Registering in Colorado

    Sure but why? The Montana thing is easy enough. And if you wanted to spend some money and effort on this, it's much better invested in lobbying versus litigation.
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    Fuel additives for cold weather and/or storage

    I'm now operating the HMMWV in an extremely cold mountain environment (it's 12 degrees this morning and the roads are between 7,000 and 11,000 feet here) and it's also sitting for as much as a month at a time. Wondering if anyone uses any additives to deal with these kind of factors, like...
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    Ferret 54-82589 m.g. mount found

    I have both. The M240/MAG-58 is a lot better,.
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    Registering in Colorado

    As posted above, is the way to go. I've used now for several vehicles and have two more in the registration process now.
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