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  1. ToddJK

    What type of light is this?

    So I got a set of these lights that I intend to use as flood lights on my truck, but I'm not sure due to the the one piece connector, which I've not seen before. If anyone could point me in the right direction, I'd greatly appreciate it. Okay, so I figured out it's a spotlight that is wired...
  2. ToddJK

    Halloween MV dress up

    My neighbor suggested it so I'm toying with the idea. I have all kinds of stuff I got over the years. Since the deuce sits in the driveway or at work, I figure I'd do something....different. What y'all think?
  3. ToddJK

    (Misleading diagnosis) Oil all over driver side and firewall

    I'm sure there was a few post from a while ago on this topic, so if the moderators deem it necessary to move the thread then please do, just wanted to share some information as it seems it's not a rare event. So here for the last month and a half, I figured my IP (Injection Pump) was leaking...
  4. ToddJK

    9/11 tribute

    I know there are a lot of tribute events going on for 9/11 in respect to those who perished and the first responders. In Hastings Michigan, there are a few mud bog events and a couple cruises. Anyone going to any of these type of events with their MV? I'm going to the Marlins mud bog with the...
  5. ToddJK

    Any July 4th Parade (2021) Western Michigan?

    Anyone going to any July 4th parades in west MI? Seems like a lot of places cancelled their parades due to covid and other reasons. If anyone is going to a parade, let me know where at and the time, be nice to meet up with other Michiganders and their MV's.
  6. ToddJK

    Feels good to be back!

    That's right, no one will remember me, but I left and came back years later, barely knowing how to work my way around this forum, lmao. My old member ID was TK748462 i believe, but like I said it's been years. I had a 1972 AM General M35A2 with a Hercules multifuel engine. When I moved from MI...
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