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  1. MarkM

    Hmmwv start box yellow label Nartron help

    Hello all, Changed out my yellow label start box. Barrel relay was jammed on so it was constantly sending 24v to the plugs. I have another known good box same yellow label Natrona but could someone please explain this afterglow function please? Mine comes on at 20v then the dash light goes out...
  2. MarkM

    Just replaced all glow plugs. The box is keeping 24v going to the plugs. Please help!!!

    Hello all, Just finished replacing all the glow plugs and it was a true PITA. Broken tips, No room to work. After all this I tested the box. Light came on for approx 7 sec went out Heard a relay and I still had 24v going to the plugs. I had a meter hooked up to a glow plug. I have a Nartron...
  3. MarkM

    Needing the color code for a green MEP-831A and where to find the right product please.

    Buddy of mine just picked up a real nice MEP-831A and need to find some correct matching paint. Going to use it just for touch ups by brush. Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks, Mark
  4. MarkM

    Will a M274 fit into a M101A2 or A3 trailer and will the tailgate close???

    I know the foot basket will stick out but can you still close the tailgate? I understand on the M101A2 trailer you will have to drive over one of the inner fenders. Would really like to buy a mule but need to store it in a trailer. Thanks for the help. Also maybe drive it in and have the foot...
  5. MarkM

    Installed new rear view mirrors on the X-Doors of my M998. I can now see the right mirror !

    I have a light bar on my M998 and it virtually blocked the passenger side stock mirror so I installed mirrors on the X-doors with the 3D printed mounting plate on the upper hinges. Thank you Midwest Military Equipment and I give this part a 5 star rating. I expect a fruit cake this X-Mas for all...
  6. MarkM

    If you ever need brake pads for the HMMWV H1 and H2 they carry the same calipers from the 1986-1988 Jeep Eagle.

    A much better price can be had on the HMMWV H1 and H2 brake pads by ordering pads for the 1986-1988 AMC Jeep Eagle. The units I got were Wagner MX203 at around 20 bucks shipped. Not bad for a premium semi metallic pad. Mark
  7. MarkM

    Still having starting issues. Glow plugs not working. Changed everything I can think of PLease Help

    Still can't easily start the truck and finally figured out the glow plugs are not getting power. Have two spare take out boxes and no power to the plugs. New harness NEW!!! HMMWV engine harness P/N: --------. New plugs. New batteries. Shows no voltage at the plugs. Wait light comes on for...
  8. MarkM

    M998 replacment engine harness plug 54C. Where does it go???

    Still chasing down hard starting issue. Installed a new engine harness NEW!!! HMMWV engine Harness P/N: 12339350 and there is an extra wire #54C. Only info I can find is from a flyback diode to ground. Old harness did not have this. Any help ? Thanks, Mark
  9. MarkM

    HMMWV hard starting. Can't figure it out please help

    Been having big problems for a while now with my truck. Old GP controller failed. List of new parts. New controller, New glow plugs, New coolant temp sensor for FI advance, New engine wiring harness, New grounding kit, New controller box GP sensor, New fuel filter, New batteries. Glow plug...
  10. MarkM

    1991 M998 starting issues that I just cannot figure out Please help!!!

    The story and sorry for the length. Water got into my control box as the glow would flash now and then driving along and sometime the glow light would be dim while driving. So I pull the control box and open it to find a little water in it. I replaced the control box, Installed new glow plugs...
  11. MarkM

    No start issue; seeking advice

    Could use some help. A little water got into the control box and that was that. So long story short. New box, new temp controller for box, New key switch. New lighting multi switch. New overkill grounding cables (6 of them). New glow plugs as all were open. Two circuit breakers behind gauges...
  12. MarkM

    HMMWV electrical problem please help. Headlights out no volt meter and no wait light

    My PBC box went out and replaced it with another but no wait light, Headlights, volt meter. Wait light blinks on the crank. Just where are the circuit breakers? I know of the one next to the steering column but that should be self resetting. What an I missing????? Also not getting the "thump"...
  13. MarkM

    Added some 3.5" flood lights for the front and also in the rear as backup lights

    Installed these little 3.5" Leds (1320 Lumens) to the three holes in the bumper and two as backup lights. Will be wiring them up tomorrow. Just going to use toggle switches on these lights as they are only 18W each. Mark
  14. MarkM

    Have a new car trailer that my HMMWV will pull from time to time

    Thought I would post some pics of my new toy hauler. Had it custom setup to carry an old car of mine and my motorcycle as well as a small workshop. With the car in the trailer she will weigh in at 8K and I have an electric brake setup and my HMMWV has the airlift bumper so all is well. The...
  15. MarkM

    Will a Military Mule M274 fit in the bed of a HMMWV between the fenders?

    I know it is close but I wonder if it would fit. Came across a nice mule and it got me thinking. Thanks for the help. Mark
  16. MarkM

    Installed some backup lights...

    Installed a pair of military lights to use as backup lights. Just running off a toggle for now until I setup a switch on the tranny shiftier. I still have 13" of clearance under the lights so that is not a problem. I sure can see backing up now :) Mark
  17. MarkM

    Installed a new light bar and six PAR 36 lights with 18W 1800 Lumens LEDs.

    Just finished up installing the new lights on the light bar. Had to shorten the fording stack to make everything work. These units put out some serious light and only draw about 4 amps for the six of them. Really pleased with the look and operation. Mark
  18. MarkM

    Found a broken bolt under the HMMWV please help me ID where it cam from

    Found the bolt below under my truck. Not 100% sure it came from the truck. Bolt is about 4" long and has a 9/16" head. Please help id this bolt. Mark
  19. MarkM

    Have casting numbers off motor need help with ID please

    I thought I had a 6.2 in my truck but it is a 6.5 and from what I can tell it is the better block. Can someone please confirm? Was hoping for a GEP but oh well. Thank you. Mark h217 paass side 12555506 y00091097 020" on tag Tag says 03apr08 The above is the polymer coating that came...
  20. MarkM

    Just picked my new 91 M998 and having a ball with her

    Just picked up my 91 M998 on Saturday and so far am really pleased with it. Have to learn all the in and outs but zero issues so far. Had a friend in CT put her together for me and I had her painted to match my buddies Pinzgauer and my M101A2 (pinz green) trailer. Mark
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