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  1. XCRV

    Ship by rail/train? (AZ to FL)

    I need to ship a LMTV from Arizona to Florida. VeriTread quoted $6500. That’s the lowest price I’ve got via truck. Rail should be much cheaper? I‘m having trouble finding a shipper. Any recommendations?
  2. XCRV

    60,000 BTU heater in M1079

    Someone saw our ad on another forum and asked: “Hi - what would you say the your truck's minimum temperature capability is for semi normal habitation? Not the truck chassis but the living quarters.” My answer was: “As long as you’ve got plenty of diesel, the 60,000 BTU military heater should...
  3. XCRV

    Big rig (LMTV, etc) overlanding in the Southeast - where?

    Hello all, We have a M1079A1 LMTV rigged for overlanding. We’ve used it mostly in the desert Southwest on BLM land for exploring and boondocking. Thought we could do likewise in National Forests of the Southeast. Worried about low limbs whacking our solar panels. Looks like most Forest Service...
  4. XCRV

    Need LMTV assistance in Fairbanks, Alaska

    Just bought our first military vehicle. Looks like it's been sitting a while. Anyone available around May 12 to help us look over it? 2000 M1079A1 LMTV...
  5. XCRV

    Must hold "MODE" button to move

    Just bought our first military vehicle, a 2000 M1079A1 LMTV 4x4 Van Truck. GP says "The mode button must be continuously depressed for the drivetrain to operate in forward only" and "front driveshaft has been removed." Any troubleshooting advice would be greatly appreciated. It's located in...
  6. XCRV

    Which year to buy: A1 vs A1R? 3126 vs C7?

    Shopping for a FMTV, preferably a M1083. Newer seems better but I want to avoid ULSD. A1 with ABS would work but A1R with air conditioner sounds better yet. Of course, newer means more expensive but any thoughts on an “optimum” year? Nice forum, BTW. I've found all sorts of good info here on SS.
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