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  1. Norinco666

    Need socket for light weapons station

    I purchased 2 "humvee" sockets thinking they would work and they do not does anyone know or have the correct socket for the LWS
  2. Norinco666

    My $40K wrecker (M936A1) refurbished at Memphis Equipment

    So my father and I were interested in a wrecker to use around the farm and Memphis Equipment was only a 5 hour drive away so we figured we would give them a shot in building us a 936. We gave them the deposit they required to start on the truck at the end of March. We had visited memphis a...
  3. Norinco666

    M936a1 Gun truck

    Sneak peak
  4. Norinco666

    Light weapons station need info

    I have the opportunity to buy a Light weapons station complete (minus the cab reinforcement kit) my question is the cab reinforcement kit really needed to prevent damage to the cab? Is it just an add on or needed to mount the actually LWS anybody have these cab reinforcements for sale? Would...
  5. Norinco666

    Camping across Alabama in MVs

    Some pics over the years of camping with friends in our trucks
  6. Norinco666

    New Purchase Globe 10 ton trailer

    Recently found a few of these for sale locally they all appear to be unused. Does anyone have information on these or procedures i should know before i attempt to move it? I will be going to retrieve it in a m925
  7. Norinco666

    M105 lift gate

    Just bought this from a guy up in North Alabama said he bought it in the 1980s told me it came from the Army Corp of Engineers and use to have a big saw on tracks in the bed pretty neat trailer first 1 i have ever seen the hydraulic lift gate still works the jack squirts fluid though are these...
  8. Norinco666

    Thank you to Lamar Rowland

    Just went down to Samson Alabama to get some more parts for mine and my dads 5 ton. I met Lamar at the tannehill rally in McCalla Alabama hes a good old guy at 83 years old just wanted to say thanks for helping with the hobby and sharing this cool relic trophy he showed me
  9. Norinco666

    What trailer is this?

    I know the steel arch piece doesnt go with the trailer as its just sitting in there what was this trailer used for? Is it worth 500$
  10. Norinco666

    New project! S788+m105 chassis

    Ive had a m105 chassis sitting in storage for about 2 years and have always wanted a shelter mounted to trailer a friend offered me an s788 for 600$ so i jumped on it now the fun begins
  11. Norinco666

    5 ton rear axle seals and bearings kits?

    Ive googled and searched was wondering if any of you guys knew of a good place that sold all the bearings and seals to do both sides of axle in a kit form?
  12. Norinco666

    Offroad Alabama

    9 Being able to take everything we want where we want it.
  13. Norinco666

    Fmtv wheel studs

    Can any of you fellas point me in the direction of the correct size rim studs for these lmtv wheels? Iam in need of a couple of the longer studs
  14. Norinco666

    Alabama Brierfield State Park Rally Sep 20-21, 2019

    Just curious if anybody on here is going to be here. My crew has our trucks ready to roll and plan on attending
  15. Norinco666

    M105 bows?

    Will these work with an m105 trailer? It says there adjustable i would just like to know for sure before i pull the trigger
  16. Norinco666

    Wheel adapters beveled on wrong side

    I just purchased 2 mrap wheel adapters to 2.5 ton from western Canadian offroad they are beveled on 1 side but the side lay inside the wheel to be bolted that would be mounted up are not wtf is this ok should i call and bitch or what
  17. Norinco666

    Wanting to mount these on m105

    I just puechased 6 395 tires mounted on mrap? Rims i guess mrap everybody says theres quite a few different variations anyways i would like to mount these wheels on my m105 trailer with the adapter plates i wanna make sure the adapter plates are correct for the wheels i have
  18. Norinco666

    M931a1 no power while in gear

    Excuse me if this has been covered before a buddy of mine just scored a really nice m931a1 with the nhc 250 motor in it for 4000$ its sitting in my driveway next to my m931a1 i believe he was already in contact with Wes Simpson and he believes the truck is sucking air into the fuel. So here is...
  19. Norinco666

    M931 tractor with 1600r20?

    Will 1600r20 fit on the m931 with no issues? Would like to see Pics also thanks!
  20. Norinco666

    Nov. 2-3, 2018 Tannehill state park exit 1 Alabama

    Anybody going on here going to be there? I live about 10 minutes from there plan on,bringing my m931 hope to meet some folks
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