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  1. mzak88

    M939a2 Air compressor

    Sorry in advance if there have been posts on this. I am needing to remove air compressor for the 8.3 in my 1990 M925a2. I read on a heavy equipment forum that the compressor needs to be timed to the engine. However, the TM's seem very non chalant - remove bolts, replace gasket reinstall...
  2. mzak88

    M925 Spare Tire Davit Extensions

    Sorry if this has been covered but I am just looking for dimensions of the extension. My 925 has not had one since I’ve owned her. Buying a surplus one and shipping to Canada is horrendously expensive due to its size and weight. If one of you would happen to know the length and positions of...
  3. mzak88

    Growly Steering M925a2

    Apologies in advance, I have searched the forums but with no luck. I have a 1990 BMY M925a2. Up here vehicles over 8200kg in GVW must get yearly inspections like any other heavy truck. One issue my inspector had was with the steering growl. Not sure where to start with this, anyone have any...
  4. mzak88

    M939 Tie Rod Ends

    My apologies if this has been posted. Is there a Moog or TRW part number for these? Been searching forum and haven't had any luck.
  5. mzak88

    Paint Repairs

    Apologies in advance to all, but looking for advice on paint repairs on my first MV a 1990 M925a2. I've tried searching threads but a little confused. Not wanting to do a full paint job just repairs. She has a base layer of green then tan then back to camo CARC. Paint is rather thick and chipped...
  6. mzak88

    New guy from British Columbia

    Hello all. New guy from BC Canada and proud custodian of a 1990 M925a2
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