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    I'm not sure if govplanet is serious or not

    For auction, opening bid $1,800: 2009 AM General M1123 HMMWV 2 Door w/Truck Body
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    Can an M1165A1 carry a snowmobile?

    Yes. Yes it can.
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    Fuel additives for cold weather and/or storage

    I'm now operating the HMMWV in an extremely cold mountain environment (it's 12 degrees this morning and the roads are between 7,000 and 11,000 feet here) and it's also sitting for as much as a month at a time. Wondering if anyone uses any additives to deal with these kind of factors, like...
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    Heads up/NOCO chargers are 50% off at Amazon today (11-29-21)

    Perfect for your HMMWV
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    What are you using for a 24Volt trickle charger?

    Dredging up a topic that's been discussed here before but it looks like two of the models people like are now discontinued or unavailable. So I am looking for a reco on a 24 Volt trickle charger to keep the HMMWV batteries charged over the winter (I don't expect to be driving much until the...
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    Heads up on Growler M1164 trailer at govplanet

    These seem pretty rare, here is your chance to get one:
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    HMMWV prices are sure coming up

    Saw an M1165A1 I wanted sell earlier today on the govplanet, hammer price $45,400. Adding premium of 15% that’s $52,210, and with GA sales tax of 8% = $56,376!!! I paid less than half that for about the same thing in February. A second slightly newer M1165A1 (but with more issues) sold for...
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    Help yourself to a HMMWV day?

    Jefferson County Man arrested for unlawfully entering Fort Drum and stealing a military vehicle PRESS RELEASE State Police in Watertown arrested Nathan J. McElhone, age 46, from Theresa, NY, for the following: Robbery 2nd degree (C-felony) Reckless Endangerment 1st degree (D-felony)...
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    So is the M1161 a complete orphan vehicle that I should avoid?

    One seems to have about fallen into my lap, an M1161 for sale locally. It seems to be in OK shape, I have to verify the year and give it of course a thorough inspection. The seller is asking a lot, comparatively, as he wants to make back his auction cost and something on top of that. Is it a...
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    Drilling through rear airlift bumper to mount license plate?

    Does this seem like a bad idea? Putting two 1/4” holes 6” apart in the airflift bumper top surface to mount a license plate holder on the left side of the vehicle (clear of the Rhino spare tire mount). The no-drill plate holder by Federal Military Parts doesn’t look like it fits the side of...
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    If only they all looked like this!

    Surplus 2008 AM General M1165 HMMWV 4 Door Hard Top w/Truck Body in Yermo, California, United States (GovPlanet Item #2374870) ITEM DETAILS MILEAGE 1,627 Miles VIN 265214 Melton Rebuild 8 Cylinder 6.5L Turbo Diesel Engine, Automatic Transmission w/Park & Overdrive, 4x4, 4 Door, Hard Doors...
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    Please help settle an argument over tire size

    Friend is replacing his 16.5" 24 bolt beadlocks on an M1151 with 17" rims (the new tires are also 37s). He is too cheap to buy a 5th matching rim/tire to carry on his Rhino and plans to carry one of the original beadlocks as a spare. We are now having a row about whether that will damage the...
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    What is this interesting looking HMMWV test or training item?

    Coalescent Technologies HMMWV-TS Diesel Engine Fuel System Display Panels...
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    M1101/2 and a snowmobile?

    Wondering if anyone has used an M1101 or M1102 to transport a snowmobile or two. The dimensions look a little short on length, but possible. Has anyone done this who can share experiences or especially photos? I'd appreciate some ideas. Thanks
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    Super early HMMWV on govplanet?

    If I read it right this is s/n 5515. That's an early truck. And it looks it. But if you want retro restore, here's your chance...
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    Frustrating - EUC approved today, and is down all day

    I called and tried to schedule a pickup after getting my EUC back by email this morning. The woman at govplanet/Ritchie said there systems are down and they have no idea when they are coming back and that I couldn't schedule pickup. That was 11:30 am this morning, nearly 7 hours ago. How very...
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    Any tips on how to assemble a hatch and turret setup these days?

    (newbie question, so flame on if you must) Any tips on how to assemble a hatch and turret setup these days? It looks like the parts are getting very very scarce. I have looked at the TM on what I need and can find nearly none of those parts that I need for sale. I’m only looking for a simple...
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    Soon to be M1165A1 owner here

    Thanks for having me into the forum, which I’ve been reading for a few months now and joined. I have an M1165A1 HMMWV inbound from govplanet and am filled with questions which I can’t wait to get some wisdom on. This is my first .mil vehicle . . . but likely not my last. (And preview, I...
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