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  1. lgscott3

    M998 2 man troop carrier without the top weighs #5,960 lbs & Springs

    Resurrecting this a little. I have a 998 4 man soft top. My brother wants to put spacers in the front to lift it up a little. I was thinking it would make more sense to replace the springs with something heavier. Are the 2K springs really rough? I think eventually we want to put maybe a 39"...
  2. lgscott3

    12 volt Wiring help

    Thanks! That sounds good. I'm planning on doing the improved ground modification too, so maybe I'll do it all at the same time.
  3. lgscott3

    12 volt Wiring help

    Resurrecting this thread a little, because it seemed like a good place to ask. I'm planning on installing my converter where the radio rack would be in a homemade center console. Where should I ground my convertor on the chassis? Looking for the shortest path, but a good place to connect to...
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