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  1. dezert ratt

    Broken Rockwell Axle

    Well I told ya so doesnt work for me. I heard that the 2.5 ton rockwells are weak when running bigger tires, but this is crazy. I was at a jeep run "tierra del sol", and while crawling the notches (a gathering place for idiots) i managed to break either spider gears or a axle shaft on the middle...
  2. dezert ratt

    395/85r20 mraps tire rub issues

    I am just waiting on a shipment of 1" bolts. Then I will be putting on my new rims and tires. So I articulated the rear suspension today, checking how far from the bed the tires get. With stock 9.00 ndt tires, I have about 1 1/2 inches of clearance before the tire rubs the bottom of the bed. So...
  3. dezert ratt

    Azusa canyon trip 5/3-5/4

    Anyone planning on goin to Azusa canyon this weekend for the corva event? I was thinkin about driving my deuce there Sunday. I have never been there yet.
  4. dezert ratt

    M105a2 what is it?

    I'm going this weekend to check out a m105a2. As of now I do not know what the contents are in the trailer. The owner sent me pictures of what appears to be some sort of generator, pump or compressor. The owner does not know what it is, but claims it is military. Here are some pics, I'm very...
  5. dezert ratt

    M818 springs vs m813

    I didn't want to post this but after searching and asking people and not getting a for sure answer.... Does anyone know if the 818 rear leaf springs are different from the rear spring packs on a m813 cargo? I have a m818 with a shortened deuce bed and still on 11.00 stock tires. The truck has a...
  6. dezert ratt

    Veterans day trip 300 miles

    Just thought I'd share my trip to rasor rd for veterans weekend. Pretty Easy 150 miles each way. I did have my j pipe snap off of the muffler and the exhaust stack fell over onto the hood. Darn California potholes! I only snapped a couple pics because it was very windy. The temp got down to...
  7. dezert ratt

    Southern california mv's

    I know mv's are getting more popular in california. Lets see some input on you california guys. Is there a growing demand for mv's in ca? Would there be any market in a so cal mv scrap yard open to the public? From what im seeing, we are pretty limited for scrap parts.
  8. dezert ratt

    m818 brake issues

    I pulled my truck in to the shop today to start working on the airpack rebuild, and check/ adjust all the brakes. I pulled the front tires off the truck, the pass front brakes are dragging so much, i can hardly spin with the wheel on the truck. Now i read up on the tm for adj. the brakes, and...
  9. dezert ratt

    What have you done to your 5 ton this week?

    Hopefully theres not a 5 ton thread like this already. I tried search, and did not find anything. I just changed my 1st flat on one of the rear inner duals, on my 818. What a workout! Now back to rebuilding the airpack!
  10. dezert ratt

    1st mv road trip

    Gonna be spending new years out in the desert camping. Leaving menifee this afternoon, hopefully arriving in ocotillo ca before midnite. Lots of excited friends and family waiting to ride in the 818! Pics to come.
  11. dezert ratt


    On the 818 there is a control lever on the right side of the steering column. Couldnt find any description in the tm. Seems like a trailer brake actuator? :confused:
  12. dezert ratt

    My 1st mv

    Bought my 1st mv today after dreaming of owning a deuce since i was a kid. Im 27 now and found a very clean m818 at hundys compound. Ill post pics tomoro, im so excited and wont be able to sleep tonight! The most intimidating drive of my life, 100 miles driving a truck i didnt even know how to...
  13. dezert ratt

    100dollarman to menifee convoy

    Going tomoro to hundys place to pick up a 818, i know its short notice but if anyone wants to meet at hundys to follow me back to menifee, i am willing to pay fuel cost. Pm me Sent from my DROID X2 using Tapatalk
  14. dezert ratt

    new guy from so california

    hey im mike 24 years old and live in menifee ca. ive had this dream of owning a deuce and a half since i was a little kid. being right in the heart of the legal drama of this state is it worth it for me to try and fullfill my dream now that im older and able to afford one.. ive been browsing the...
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