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  1. General Kaiser

    Transfer Case problem

    Hello everyone I had rebuild my Deuce's transfer case in last rew months . No problems until yesterday I was taking it to shop for taking out stuck screws of windshield , I had noticed high range didn't engage. When I was trying to hold the lever by hand , the only thing that happened was...
  2. General Kaiser

    M35A2 Low gear issue

    Hello everyone I have a problem with my Deuce's transfer case , the problem is when I start moving the truck in low range , after a short moment automatically shifted to natural with some grinding sound. If I hold the TC shift lever by hand , the truck start moving at low range with no problem...
  3. General Kaiser

    Deuce Components - Questions

    Hello everyone I post this thread for anyone who has questions about different parts of a Deuce. First question is from me! what is this rod for? Thanks
  4. General Kaiser

    Original bed for dump conversion

    Hello everyone I bought one M35A2 recently and decided to convert it's bed to a dumper. So people in my country said the original bed is too weak for dump conversion and it's worthless to make it stronger. I want to know are they right or wrong ?! And if I want to make it stronger , what...
  5. General Kaiser

    Making Deuce's bed stakes

    Hello my friends I want to make bed stakes for my deuce .(buying soon) but I want dimensions of stakes to make nearly the same ones. here in my country is not available to buy from US seller. can anybody help me? Thanks
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