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  1. acesneights1

    Need help hooking up a trolley brake in an M809 series

    I have an M813 that is being turned into a tractor. Can someone with either an M818 or M52a2 tractor post a few pics of how and where the trolley brake is piped in ? it is more complex due to air over hydraulic so a 900 series will not help. thanks.
  2. acesneights1

    Need some M1008 antenna pics

    Trying to decided where I wanna put mine. Have mount and guard. Was thinking right side front of bed ???
  3. acesneights1

    Rotted shock mounts M1008

    My front shock mounts are paper thin thanks to the crap our state uses on the roads. The mounts were poor to begin with but now I could snap them off with my hands. Was gonna fab some new ones but then found these beefy fellows in ebay. Heck for 40$ not worth my time and my work would not be...
  4. acesneights1

    M35a2 stuck injector pump

    Got a Deuce in with a stuck pump. The fuel shutoff was stuck. Got it to move up and down but it's real stiff and the truck runs full throttle once started. Rack seems to have no effect on rpm. I was thinking of making a little cocktail to run it on of sea foam,wd40,2 stroke oil and diesel. the...
  5. acesneights1

    M149a2 water buffalo leaking. Need ideas

    It's the stainless one. Looks to be leaking around the drain plug boss in the bottom. Seems to have some kind of sealer on it. Nothing in the TM addresses it. Is it caulked in or was this some kind of half ass repair ? It's leaking where the boss meets the tank not the plug to boss.
  6. acesneights1

    Having trouble adjusting the alternator

    My deuce was only at 24v so I tried to adjust the regulator by increasing the voltage adj. it went 1 click and did nothing, 2 clicks I could actually hear the engine lug down a little, it was putting out 28.5v and I would hear a screeching almost like loose belts but belts are tight and in good...
  7. acesneights1

    need a picture of the primary fuel filter disassembled

    My Ipad had an unfortunate accident and this stupid Samsung junk won't dosnload or ooen TM's. Working on a Deuce that was butched and the part missing from ths primary. Filter was flopping around in the breeze. I have the assembly of my Deuce but I forgot which waz the cone goes.
  8. acesneights1

    M923 engine noise

    Came back from Sussex to this noise. I know YouTube is hard to hear. Sounds like coming from front of motor. Seems to get better if you increase RPMs. At first is sounds like a noisy air compressor running but the air pressure was up and compressor off. i know this is gonna be another "never...
  9. acesneights1

    Doing LDT 465 water manifolds, are bolts in the water jacket ?

    Hey need a quick answer. Doing the water manifold hoses. The 6 bolts on each manifold where the go in the head, are they wet or dry ? Holes look like dry holes but bolts corroded like wet holes. Was gonna never seize them unless they need sealer.
  10. acesneights1

    Possibly a cucv over charging issue ?

    I usually convert these things to serp belt/12v but was gonna keep this one stock so the slave could run a robotool. thing is I have owned a few cucv's but this is the first one I ever saw a 18-32v gauge in. It shows around 29 volts which to me seems too high. i put a quality meter(only use...
  11. acesneights1

    DB2 pump #s on an M1009

    My M1009 lunched a pump and seems the reman prices have gone up a lot. so long story short I got a NOS one which I believe is a CUCV pump but not sure what the numbers mean. 6.2 pumps are usually DB2-2829-xxxx this one is DB2-S4267 where as my original was DB2-2829-4267. ideas ? truck runs grea...
  12. acesneights1

    need LDT 465 Cooling tube to head gaskets

    need LDT 465 coolant manifold outlet to head gaskets So far I can only find complete engine gasket sets. I suppose I could snot them but I would rather have the correct gaskets. I have to change those two short little hoses which means I need to unbolt these two coolant manifolds from the heads.
  13. acesneights1

    Need a part number for m923 exhaust gasket

    The gasket under my cab blew out. Flex to header on an A0. anyone know a part number I can use locally ? I can't seem to cross nsn 5330-01-1047354
  14. acesneights1

    Marine Corp detachment hike to raise money to prevent vet suicide in Connecticut

    This is a great event with a great bunch of guys. I hooked up with them last year and escorted their hike. This year we have almost 4x as many signed up and more trucks for the escort. If you are near Glastonbury ct please show your support.
  15. acesneights1

    Oil pressure gauge wiring

    My deuce has low oil pressure and think there is a gauge issue. Truck came to me with a Faria that was stuck all the way right. Upon removal looked like top of it was melted. I smacked it and needle went left. I took an older period correct gauge(SW I think) from another one and put it in and...
  16. acesneights1

    Run a multifuel without coolant ?

    The radiator petcock came out on a deuce I have. It's like 8deg windchill right now and the truck is sitting about 80 feet from a nice warm shop bay but I have to start it with no antifreeze in this cold and drive it in. think I could hurt it ? Pulling or pushing it is not an option. The yard is...
  17. acesneights1

    Lost my voltage regulator and in a major storm need help

    My Mep002a started overcharging the batteries. It was putting out 33 volts. I understand that this is a common problem but I don't have a spare right now and we have very co,d temps and no power. I pulled the fuse for it to stop the over charging. my question is my 24v battery charger is at my...
  18. acesneights1

    Need the TM for doing dogbones

    I'm stuck in jury duty and need the torque specs etc . It's hard to surf them on a tablet. So far went through 6 threads here and 4 tm's and can't find it. Could someone with better acces just post the link to the appropriate TM? I'm stuck here all day it looks like so it would make good reading...
  19. acesneights1

    Transfer case pto removal

    Anyone know if it's a big deal to remove the t case pto ? I got a deuce with one and was thinking about taking it off before I sell the truck since they are probably rare. I have not been able to find the plate that covers the hole. Think I could make something ?
  20. acesneights1

    M49 worth keeping a tank on ?

    Picked up an M49 tanker. Debating whether to fix it up and keep a tanker or find a bed or just cut it up. Do the tankers have any decent resale value ? Or should I just put a cargo bed on and scrap the tank ?
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