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  1. Jones

    Real CARC.

    Is there any real CARC still out there and available? I need a quart of CARC black. Happy to take a gallon if I can find it. CARC substitute won't do because I need CARC's dead flat, non-photoreactive properties. Our CARC painted comm shelters and manned trailers all got "SAME HEAT REFLECTIVE...
  2. Jones

    More huffer cart questions.

    Hello all, again. Back from an extended vacation after I found a new home for the baby HEMTT. Just picked up an ex-Navy gas turbine air compressor. This one's powered by a GTC85-72. I'm up against the same problems; Disconnected wires, no wiring diagram. Anybody got any suggestions? I've pretty...
  3. Jones

    baby HEMTT Project

    Well... I'm still alive and kicking although I am starting to show my mileage. A variety of factors have brought me to the point where I feel it's time for me and the baby HEMTT to part company. To that end I'm looking for council on finding it a new home. If the interest is there I'll post it...
  4. Jones

    Police Dept. HMMWV

    Our local police department got a suplus HMMWV and did a little modification to it. I like the personalized upholstery detail on the seatbacks. I'm thinkin' our K-9 officers are tougher than I thought-- or that they're up against tougher suspects than I realized. The equipment guys are...
  5. Jones

    Solar battery charger wiring.

    OK, OK... two wires; one red, one black-- how hard can wiring one be, right? Solar chargers; from the battery maintainers like Solargizers to the full-blown solar battery charger panels have two wires, one for the pos and one for the neg battery terminals. My question is: Is there a reason to...
  6. Jones

    Aircraft tug

    Ran across this picture and wanted to share. Not sure any of these still exist but once upon a time there were a whole bunch of them at McClellan AFB here in Sacramento. They were stationed here because McClellan was the home for both the XC-99s and the B-36s in the early '50s.
  7. Jones

    Shock absorber placement

    Thanks to Stalwart's generousity I now have new shocks for the baby HEMTT. Problem is with placement. The shock pins are on the lower spring pads so that's a no-brainer but where do the tops need to go? I'm going to have to make the top mounts and am wondering how far in the shock's travel...
  8. Jones

    Interior light ideas.

    Someone is always asking about interior lights for their deuce or five-ton. What to use, where to mount them, etc. Here's a light bracket assy. I made for the baby HEMTT and wanted to share the concept/design. The baby HEMTT's interior light is stuck way up high in the center of the cab's back...
  9. Jones

    Mystery interior lights

    I picked these up a while back and would like to find more. Anybody recognize them or know the application? MFR is 6T922 (Moody Precision Supply) NSN looks like it's 12342403 but a search just shows "Item cancelled without replacement".
  10. Jones

    Marking electrical receptacles.

    I put NATO slave cable receptacles under each walkway and decided to put a third back by the tailgate so I can slave without having to go through a lot of gyrations to get close enough to the other vehicle. The rain has me inside today so I've been cutting stencils and decided make one to...
  11. Jones

    baby HEMTT drag link adjustment

    Baby HEMTT update. I'm assembling the steering on the baby HEMTT and have come up on a little detail I can't get o good answer for. Adjusting the drag link ends is controlled by tightening or loosening "adjusting plugs" that push the ball seats together and down against a coil spring. This...
  12. Jones

    Help IDing cables?

    I'm pretty sure these are trailer cables but unsure as to the different numbers and lengths. One is about a foot or so longer than the other. Both are NOS but dirty from shelf storage. Metal tag on one is marked: 19207 67247-CX. Mfr is 6S406 (BARCAR Mfg. Inc.) Other cable is tagged: 19207...
  13. Jones

    HMMWV parts ID

    Going through a box of NOS parts and I've got some wiring I'm trying to ID. One is a four pin moulded female plug, stepped so that two are on a different level than the other two (so thay can't be connected incorrectly). Out of the plug are four 8" leads with number tags that look like they're...
  14. Jones

    Differential question.

    Well, I may have just wasted a week-end. The rear axle in the baby HEMTT has what I considered excessive play in the gear train. This was based on the fact that, with a driveshaft bolt hole a 12:00, I could rotate the input flange almost far enough for the next bolt hole to assume the 12:00...
  15. Jones

    Work on the baby HEMTT grinds to a start.

    Just so's you guys don't think we fell off the edge of the earth; here's some fresh pictures of the baby HEMTT project. Good ole' dma251 got me hooked (a crane joke), and so I'm working on a Grove MHC M977 for the back of the baby HEMTT. After pestering him to death for dimensions and layout of...
  16. Jones

    Tailgate value?

    Just for my own information; what's a good tailgate for an A2 worth?
  17. Jones

    Tower Park pictures

    Took a drive down to Tower Park today and these are a few of the vehicles I saw while there. The event runs from the 13th to the 20th but doesn't get started good until today or tomorrow. Tower Park has a KOA campground there and the military vehicles and the display and vendor's tables pretty...
  18. Jones

    Tower Park

    Hate to show my ingorance but when is/was Tower Park this year?
  19. Jones

    Add-on circuit breaker protection.

    Just taking a poll here. I'm to the re-wiring stage of the baby HEMTT project and am thinking that circuit breaker protection is a good idea, but more of them than just the one like's on the deuce firewall. I've run from the hot terminal on the starter to a split circuit breaker box and from...
  20. Jones

    Battery tray adapters

    About a week ago there was a discussion about battery tray adapters to let you run Optima batteries in the tray designed for 6TLs. Is there enough need/interest in running Optimas to be worth pursuing? These trays are designed to only accept the Optimas so they wouldn't help if you just wanted...
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