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  1. gimpyrobb

    Big Sandy River Tn?

    I have a message into M16ty, asking to see if anyone of our members is closer, I might need an assist near north Tn.
  2. gimpyrobb

    Help finding Neil Hendric's posts

    I have a buddy looking for some of Neil's threads but can't for the life of me remember his user ID. Anyone able to help a brother out?
  3. gimpyrobb

    Denton Tx?

    Looks like I'll be in Denton the last weekend this month. Anyone available for a meet n greet fri/sat? I have a wedding Sunday and we fly in fri afternoon so time will be short but I figured I'd try.
  4. gimpyrobb

    2019 Haspin

    I'm gonna push for the weekend of the 7th(June), cause that's when I'm off this year. Hows that look for everyone else?
  5. gimpyrobb

    24v cummins to mechanical?

    A buddy found some 24v motors fairly cheap. Im wondering about maybe putting one in my deuce. Is it possible to do away with the electronics(easily? )
  6. gimpyrobb

    Mep stickers

    I got a set of stickers to cover the dataplates a while ago and they were great. I can't remember who I got them from, anyone able to help me out?
  7. gimpyrobb

    Winch cable termination / chain lead

    I've seen posts sending folks to Esmet's site, but the link is dead. I was up at the barn today to try and get my MEP002 running. I knew Steve was having issues with his deuce's brakes, so I decided to stop by. After we took care of the brakes, I decided to put the chain lead back on the winch...
  8. gimpyrobb

    Large bore valve stems and accessories

    So I had a tire that was consantly losing pressure over the winter. I finally broke it down, cleaned it up, and put a beadlock in there. While it was apart, I put some large bore valve stems I got from Fuzzytoaster and I must say, the Hemtt rims should have come with these! Way better than stock...
  9. gimpyrobb

    Gotta get an LMTV

    I found a reason for me to own an LMTV! Looks like Swampdonkey might have some competition...
  10. gimpyrobb

    cross member mount

    There is 2 different cross members for the multifuel mounts up front, we had a thread but I can't find it. Anyone able to help?
  11. gimpyrobb

    2018 Findlay Oh Armed forces day buy-sell-trade & Info

    Just got my registration in the mail! Time to post up what you have and what you want. I'll be in the same spots as always. May 18th-20th, 2018
  12. gimpyrobb

    M35 torque rod inserts

    Ok boys and girls, this post is way overdue and I apologize to Bigmike and the rest of you. Back in March I was contacted by Bigmike that he had some dog bone rod ends he wanted me to test out. We worked out an agreement and he shipped me 8. Some were rebuilds and some were new, but of a...
  13. gimpyrobb

    Transportation to Ga rally needed

    Due to my getting a "real" job, I am unable to make the Ga rally this year. I have a few things that could use a ride if anyone nearby is going to the rally. Biggest thing would be a deuce sized door, longest would be the size of a tow bar. Everything else is small.
  14. gimpyrobb

    Disaster generators

    Friends that are out of the country(Aguila) have been hit by Irma and it looks like they will be out of power for 6 weeks to 6 months. I was asked to source a genset or two for them since they know I have mil-surp generators. I am sure they are not as mechanically inclined as I am. I am not...
  15. gimpyrobb

    Fayetteville, North Carolina?

    Looking for some help on a part about the size of a carbine.
  16. gimpyrobb

    Oldy but goody

    Heres an old video with an nhc250 used on a trike...
  17. gimpyrobb

    Fairview, Pa?

    I may have something I need in Fairview, Anyone nearby? Its not big, I've had them in my VW golf, I'd say about carry-on sized. I'd like you to pick up and take to a fedex. They can box it and ship to me. Please PM if you could help.
  18. gimpyrobb

    Member had vehicle troubles, home safe and sound

    Mwmules is in Cleveland with his little flightline van and it stalled out, will not start. He is at the Best Western on Snow Rd. chevy box truck with the 6.5 I'm working on finding him a tow/service truck but any member in the are that could help would be great. nine one three six eight nine...
  19. gimpyrobb

    939 PCB help

    I was contacted by a member that needs some help and I am not very versed in troubleshooting the 939 protective control box. Here is what I was sent: My symptoms: With the PCB box unplugged, the switches in off position, battery cable unhooked, I get the following when I connect the battery...
  20. gimpyrobb

    Headed to Floriduh!

    Keep the bail fund at the ready, I will be in north Floriduh this weekend. Any cool spots near Jacksonville, Orlando or in between?
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