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  1. USAFSS-ColdWarrior

    Only Surviving XB-70 Moved from Museum Hangar

    The only surviving XB-70 Valkyrie Mach 3+ Bomber was recently moved from its hangar at the Air Force Museum at Wright Patterson AFB. Here are links to an article, and video of the move...
  2. USAFSS-ColdWarrior

    1943 CLARK Aircraft Tug - SOLD today on eBay for $5k

    I wonder who the lucky winner of this auction may be? Someone here???
  3. USAFSS-ColdWarrior

    2020-09-30 F-35B & Marine KC-130J MID-AIR COLLISION

    Yesterday - September 30, 2020 - an F-35B and KC-130J Tanker collided during refueling operations over California. ALL airmen survived the incident with the F-35B pilot ejecting, then suffering certain injuries; and the eight Marine KC-130 Crew "walked away" with minor injuries...
  4. USAFSS-ColdWarrior

    2020-09-19 B-25 Belly Lands in a Field, San Joaquin County, California (Corrected state)

    I saw this on facebook at 1:30am this morning. Although not identified in the post, it looks like a B-25 or variant thereof to me. Apparently posted by the San Joaquin County Sheriff's office late on Saturday September 19, 2020. San Joaquin County is east of San Francisco and includes...
  5. USAFSS-ColdWarrior

    F-117 Nighthawk - Stealth Fighter

    Saw this article about an F-117 Nighthawk being retired to the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library and realized we have not yet started a dedicated thread for this aircraft. So.... here we go ! ! ! We'll start with these photos and their source article: ...
  6. USAFSS-ColdWarrior

    XM157 DRAKE 12-Ton, 8x8, Amphibious (Bigger than a Duck)

    This popped up on my facebook feed and I had never heard of a DRAKE before. So.... Here's a few things to start a conversation about the XM157 Drake: . . . . . . . . Can anyone tell us more about this BIG Amphibian???
  7. USAFSS-ColdWarrior

    R.I.P. - Francis Currey - one of three remaining WW2 Medal of Honor Ricipients

    Fox News is reporting that Francis Currey passed away on Tuesday, October 8, 2019, at age 94. The article is quite informative.
  8. USAFSS-ColdWarrior

    USAF Tests ROBOpilot - First Flight 2019-08-09

    The AFRL Center for Rapid Innovation has successfully first-flight tested a "Contraption That Can Turn Any Plane Into A Robot Plane" (a DRONE). Here's a link to the article that first caught my attention...
  9. USAFSS-ColdWarrior

    747-AAC CONCEPT "Airborne Aircraft Carrier"

    This gem of a video popped up on my YouTube suggested for viewing list..... So, I watched it. Pretty interesting bit of USAF/DOD history that I'm sure Boeing received a juicy contract to research and propose. Check it out!
  10. USAFSS-ColdWarrior

    R.I.P. - Sheriff Gary Painter, Midland County, Texas - Friend to the MV Hobby

    Texas has lost a good friend of the MV Hobby, a USMC Veteran, Midland County Sheriff, and Board Member - Texas Department of Motor Vehicles (TxDMV). Very early Sunday May 26, 2019, Sheriff Gary Painter passed away unexpectedly at his home. My first knowledge of this sad news came with this...
  11. USAFSS-ColdWarrior

    RAILROAD CROSSING SAFETY - Sheriff Officer Hit - could have been any of us.

    A Midland County (Texas) Sheriffs Deputy was struck by a train while responding to a "baby not breathing" emergency and surprisingly "walked away from" the wreckage. Railroad grade crossings are DANGEROUS ! ! ! This incident was caught on camera and should be a valuable lesson to all of us no...
  12. USAFSS-ColdWarrior

    R.I.P. - Lt. Gen. Charles “Buck” Pattillo, Co-Founder/Pilot USAF Thunderbirds A long-lived aviator, air demonstration pioneer, and leader has passed away at age 94, just two weeks shy of his 95th birthday. ATLANTA — Lt. Gen. Charles “Buck” Pattillo, a co-founder and one of the first pilots...
  13. USAFSS-ColdWarrior

    National WASP Museum - May 25, 2019

    The National WASP Museum in Sweetwater, Texas is hosting their annual event on May 25th. Here's their website's events page for details: Dianna and I visited the Museum a few months ago and heard about this event. I mentioned our motorpool of FMV's and the...
  14. USAFSS-ColdWarrior

    R.I.P. - Mort Walker - BEETLE BAILEY Cartoonist (1Lt, US Army)

    Mr. Mort Walker, the cartoonist who drew the BEETLE BAILEY comic has passed away at age 94. 'Beetle Bailey' cartoonist Mort Walker dies at 94 It is a very well written article. Although not directly an MV...
  15. USAFSS-ColdWarrior

    SQUEEZING THROUGH ! ALWAYS Check Your Clearances

    THE DOMINO EFFECT Although this is not an MV, the safety principle is still the same
  16. USAFSS-ColdWarrior

    2018-11-18 P-51 Mustang Crash - Fredericksburg, TX

    Fredericksburg, Texas, USA November 18, 2018 A P-51 Mustang (WWII Fighter Aircraft) has crashed killing two veterans...
  17. USAFSS-ColdWarrior

    Chinook Mishap @ OK Vet's Day Parade Investigation - 11/2018

    Oklahoma Army National Guard investigating after chopper mishap at Veterans Day parade in Norman Sounds like there's some finger pointing about the go live-fire!!!
  18. USAFSS-ColdWarrior

    CIA U-2 Pilot's POOP-PROOF Diet....

    Due to long mission durations the CIA came up with POOP-PROOF Diets for their U-2 Pilots.... Carry on.
  19. USAFSS-ColdWarrior

    WWII BSA Paratroop Bicycle featured on Pawn Stars TV Show

    Stumbled upon this YouTube video of a Pawn Stars episode... WWII Paratroop folding bicycle built by BSA. WOW!!!
  20. USAFSS-ColdWarrior

    Belgian F-16 Destroyed: "Accidental" Cannon-fire 2018-10-14

    Technician ‘Accidentally’ Fires Vulcan Cannon & Obliterates F-16 Sitting on the RunwayLink to Article:
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