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  1. BFR

    FLU 419 Cab Tilt & Throttle linkage

    Does tilting the cab require disconnecting the throttle linkage ? Unless I'm just missing it, the throttle linkage is not addressed in either the equipment conditions or steps found in the TM.
  2. BFR

    Door removal / hinge pins FLU419

    I need to replace my broken door hinge pins and need to know the correct orientation for the replacements. When the door is removed, does the pin stay with the door, or the body side of the hinge?
  3. BFR

    FLU419 belt replacement

    Which groove on the crank pulley should be empty ? I had a belt fail today and I am replacing all three. It looks like it should be (from closest to the block moving towards the radiator)... 1. Water Pump/ Alternator 2. Empty 3. Hydraulic pump 4. Power Steering Is this correct?
  4. BFR

    BFR's Floozy

    New MV, time for a new thread so I can document my FLU SEE ownership experience. 1989 ( I think) FLU419 SEE purchased from the State of Georgia Forestry Commission. Pictures from the auction
  5. BFR

    FLU SEE / HMMH hybridization?

    Can the forklift mechanism from a HMMH be replaced with a SEE loader?
  6. BFR

    Front Mounted Winch Verification

    Is it possible to verify which models a winch is suited for based on its data plates? A Garwood (20K LB) winch w/ level wind & tensioner Model # 7411122, Dana (Chelsea) PTO Model # 308454-1, shift linkage, & PTO Shaft all just followed me home. I was told they were from a 5 ton wrecker, but...
  7. BFR

    The best way to modify a military trailer

    1. Start with a bantam t3 1/4 ton trailer 2. Sell it. 3. Build what you want from scratch without hacking up something of historical significance. Frame parts cut and laid out Frame & suspension done and being tested Tub fabrication MV content... Tail lights Fender fab
  8. BFR

    Grote brand led tail light question

    Can the grote brand led tail light assemblies that originally came with the 3"-4"'deep housing be used without the housing as a surface mount?
  9. BFR

    1/4 ton trailer dimensions

    Can someone grab a few measurements from from a m416 for me? I am looking for the distances between... A and B B and C C and D and the angle of... B C EDIT: A represents the tub floor, not the bottom of the frame
  10. BFR

    Thank You Neil Hendrix

    Thank you for helping me out of a rough spot. Help like what you provided is what makes Steel Soldiers more than just a website. Thanks again, Joel
  11. BFR

    welder purchase questions

    I am about to buy a welder and need some advice. For all intents and purposes I am a beginner at welding and I would like to buy a quality machine that is... user friendly easy to find parts and consumables for and big enough for me to "grow into" So far I have narrowed the field down to the...
  12. BFR


  13. BFR

    mid post pics

    test.............................. after
  14. BFR

    M536 trailer

    followed me home this afternoon, I need to work on the landing gear, parking (handles are frozen)brakes, and throw some tail lights on it.
  15. BFR

    deuce wheel stud

    grrrrrr. Whiskey Tango Foxtrot. I did a walk around yesterday before I drove the truck about 25 miles and I had all 36 studs/lug nuts this is what I found today. The break looks like it happened at once all of the exposed metal is bright with no sign of rust. I inspected all of the brakes/...
  16. BFR

    running a multi (LDT) w/o fan and or radiator

    I have pulled the radiator and fan from my deuce so I can have the radiator repaired. It worked out that I was able to pull them in daylight, but I may not be so lucky when I go to reinstall. Where the truck is sitting I have no access to electricity, but if I move it a quarter of a mile I can...
  17. BFR

    WWII 1/4 ton trailer

    Well it turns out the trailer I bought yesterday is of WWII vintage. The floor is wavy, rusty, and full of holes at the front. Of course the tailgate has been butchered and the lunette is missing. So, it is a basket case like all my other junk... it should fit right in. pulls great and will...
  18. BFR


    Helo Halo | Snapshot | Air & Space Magazine
  19. BFR


    I am at a loss for words.
  20. BFR

    Georgia Rally to Western TN

    I have some tool boxes that need to make their way to Mr Doyle in western tennessee. anyone have some open space headed home? They are big, but they are not particularly heavy. Pic of them loaded into my 4x8 trailer.
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