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  1. red devils dude

    Paint gun question

    I have a harborfreight gun which I love but it can't handle some of the light primers and clear coat I find I need to use on different projects.
  2. red devils dude

    Paint gun question

    RE: Paint Gun Question none of the above I mean this the one I want (FLG-647-WB) says it's a Waterborne version I dont know what that means.
  3. red devils dude

    Paint gun question

    Is there any reason I cant use a Waterborne paint gun with standard solvent type paint?
  4. red devils dude

    Front axle seal completed

    my knuckle was a mess so much oil got in the grease it turned to soup. Been working Gary need to get all my mv stuff ready for storage when I leave for the army.
  5. red devils dude

    Front axle seal completed

    I just replaced my front drivers side axle seal and want to thank Banshee365 for his excellent post on the subject and to add a tip if you cant get the tie rod off the knuckle use a two jaw puller put the center post on the top of the flex joints stud the arms on the knuckles arm and crank away.
  6. red devils dude

    Cover Me!!!

    I have one too if kenny cant find one.
  7. red devils dude

    Pull deuce oil pan?

    MUDLORD I got the oil pan off my truck with everything in place truck just setting on the ground it takes a lot of wiggling and just the right angles but it does work.
  8. red devils dude

    Clutch parts needed

    ditto got my clutch disc and plate from him
  9. red devils dude

    M35A2 Hand Throttle Cable Routing (in cowl)

    Throttle goes though the floor right by the Throttle pedal.
  10. red devils dude

    N/A LD465 exhaust bits search - again

    RE: Re: RE: Re: RE: N/A LD465 exhaust bits search - again I have one of those pipes in ok shape if you get desperate.
  11. red devils dude

    Engine removal/ repalcement

    Re: RE: Engine removal/ repalcement DITTO I used a folk lift made it a piece of cake.
  12. red devils dude

    Recommendations for a good epoxy primer? tips?

    RE: Re: Good undercoat I use a PPG epx-900 primer it's a two part product that very easy to work with. p.s I'm useing CARC as a top coat.
  13. red devils dude

    Hydro-Max Brake Assist *pics added* (long read)

    RE: Hydro-Max Brake Assist (long read) whats funny with this is we have a ford F750 potato truck with that system and we hate it I spend hours every year making it work for the potato season and the deuces other farms have never seem to lose brakes.
  14. red devils dude

    Bottom brake bolt

    M105 brakes are air over hydraulic
  15. red devils dude

    A HD ex-military 8X8

    RE: m125 I saw this post and want to add that a farm near me (3 miles) has one of these trucks sorry no data plates it looks like a 10 ton gasser with 3 rear drive axles, it was kind of dark when I looked at it so I couldn't see the suspension but I'll go back ASAP and take a bunch of pics.
  16. red devils dude

    Newbee with questions?

    1 yes size's are 11.00R20, 12.00R20 these size's are for stock wheels 2 no but look for a 66-67 or later so you can get the air shift T-case there more trouble free then a spring T-case 3 YES very easily 4 depends on how and who you buy it from.
  17. red devils dude


    you could go to a Hercules dealer or try wite owl they have the engine parts much cheaper then memphis.
  18. red devils dude

    Deuce done!

    it's very hard to pull the crank with the engine in the truck!!
  19. red devils dude

    West Coast mirrors and windshield hinges

    I got 12 1/4" on "A" as well.
  20. red devils dude

    West Coast mirrors and windshield hinges

    15 is the same but 23 is not, B the length of hole center to center 15 is 14 1/2"
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