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  1. 73m819

    Desplining 5t hubs

    We have a ad for a deslpining service for front hubs from 2 2/1 and 5t trucks, link below, sorry, I do not know how to just put up a named link so posted the true link Fist off desplined hubs are the way to go UNLESS you...
  2. 73m819

    Gainesville, GA American Legion looking for MVs

    I was contracted by the American Legion about seeing if I could get them so MVs for there event NEXT Sat. Nov.17, so here I am posting up, Give me a call 703/389/6705 if interested and I will get details or Johnny Varner A.L. contract, 404/536/3831
  3. 73m819

    A M931A2 Story

    In may of 2014, GL had a live auction in Atlanta which I should have gone to but did not, BIG MISTAKE,. A guy from NYC brought three m1070s and two m931a2s, In August I get a call from Atl. GL that NY was going to call me about the trucks, It seems that he "thought" he could leave the trucks at...
  4. 73m819

    39/809 clutch suggestion

    For you that have HEAVY 39/809 series 5ts (wreckers, ect.,) here is a BETTER way to shift to save the clutch. As you KNOW the trans suck especially the overdrive, though the non-overdrive is not much better. The wreckers are close to the 36,000 lb. mark, loaded can be a easy 60,000, the trans...
  5. 73m819

    1008 rear noise

    I have a 08 here, the rear sounds like when the posi is slipping during a slow sharp turn on pavement, BUT the noise is there going straight down the road, sounds like the posi is trying to engage but will not, it is the left side of the clutch pack, when screwing with it on jack stands, I could...
  6. 73m819

    Questions about 4 cyl. 3kw gen set.

    I picked up a 4 cyl. onan powered 3kw genset with a bad fuel pump, I figured no big deal, just use gravity feed, NOT, found out the needle valve is spring loaded after still no fuel problem, the needle valve needs pressure to override the spring. Since I know NOTHING about gensets and small...
  7. 73m819

    Memorial Day Parade, May 29, 2017, Gainesville, GA

    It is parade time again, lets put the date on the calendar for being in the parade, I will give times later, this is MONDAY the 29 May this year, lets get it done, more trucks the better, I submitted 10 trucks for this year which means we need AT LEAST 10 trucks to show up, Thanks ALL
  8. 73m819

    m322 caution

    On the m322 heavy equipment trailer, the landing legs are three pieces, the top, the crank down, and the drop down, the drop down WILL drop out of the center section if the lock is released while up in the air and not secured by something, if a toe is under the third section, or a hand moving a...
  9. 73m819

    HET starter removal ?

    HOW do I get to the top mounting bolt on the starter to break the torque, I had to use a 2' cheater to break the torque on the lower 2, there is no way to do that for the top one, will a extension fit along the side of the solenoid and is there room to get a socket on the top bolt ????
  10. 73m819

    Gainesville, Ga. Touch-a-Truck August 6

    Well as the title says, the Gainesville touch-a-truck is here again, I have been asked to get a "FEW" army trucks for the event because the kids of ALL ages just love them (even 70 year old kids), I asked "what do you mean a "FEW""?. I was told "we will leave that up to you" (A BAD DECISION) so...
  11. 73m819

    Memorial Day Parade Monday 5/30

    As the title says, it is Memorial Day parade time again in Gainesville Ga., and as in the past, the DAV has asked me to get some "army trucks" like the last year and the year before, so mark your calendar May 30th for parade duty, EVERYBODY loves to see the trucks pass in review, there was even...
  12. 73m819

    HET 3000 lb winch

    Today I pulled the little winch off BART and striped it down because there was a seep of gear oil at the drum/end housing, and the shiftier thingy was not moving. 1st --the shiftier thingy, There are two O rings. one in the housing to keep water/dirt from getting in and oil from getting out...
  13. 73m819

    How to clean out old pics

    How in the He!! do you clean out old pictures out of what ever so new ones can be posted, this sucks, what is the point of posting a build if you can not post pictures to go along with the post.
  14. 73m819

    Code name BART (Bad A** Recovery Truck)

    Well as some of you know that I have been working on BART or Bad A$$ Recovery Truck, The owner and I worked out what the mission was, then BUILD the truck for that mission. The misson, Build a HEAVY recovery truck (heavy wrecker) that is needed by a military HEAVY transport unit, that is not...
  15. 73m819

    Papabears trucks

    Anybody out of the area that buys one of his trucks that he has for sale, contract me if you want it driven to its new home, I am sure we can work something out, I have about 40 recoveries in the log book.
  16. 73m819

    GA. registration by weight

    Has anybody IN GA. had to deal with this issue when they renewed there antique vehicle registration, I have been told that ALL vehicles OVER 15,000 lbs due to the NEW law as of 1/7/2015 has to be registered as a COMMERCIAL vehicle????, This is just another way for the state to get MORE fees for...
  17. 73m819

    1200r20 rim mounting

    Does anybody know, Will the 1200r20s that are showing up fit a standard budd rim OR is the bead DIFFERENT where it takes a special rim, I am not sure what uses these tires, though I do know that they are not used on normal trucks. The m819 uses 1200s oem, it would be nice to put these high load...
  18. 73m819

    TOUCH A TRUCK, Gainesville

    I got a request to put some "ARMY" trucks in touch a truck again this year because of the big hit they were last year with everybody, the event is AUG. 8, opens at 10:00 and ends 1:00, they want the trucks in place by 9:00, so lets see what we can do BUT no more broke cams.
  19. 73m819

    Safe crane operation

    Most of the guys that buy the military wreckers, buy then because they are cool, or to lift stuff, but have NEVER run a crane before, So if you think you might need to set the outriggers for a lift, pull the needed ones ALL the way out and set them tight where they are taking the weight of the...
  20. 73m819

    -20/-20p TM for the MK15

    Being that one is not in the site library, does anybody have a PDF of the -20/-20p and the -34/-34p (what ever the Marine equivalent is) for the MK15/15a1 that I can get a copy of. I have the -10 but does not tell me what I am looking for.
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