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  1. cobra5

    G-40H Coleman Tug

    Well I won this last year from the GSA auction and thought I'd post some pictures and share some info I found out about it. This is 1 of 30 that the USAF modified specifically for use as a tug to tow bomb trailers. The modification has to do with the addition of an air system to accommodate for...
  2. cobra5

    Coleman Tug G40H Manuals

    It took me 6 months and $$ to find these.
  3. cobra5

    Dillon MT Sept 3-7 Meet

    Just putting this out there in case anyone is interested. This is the 1st ever military museum show and swap meet. Hopefully this will be a success and lead to more shows in the area.
  4. cobra5

    Removing rear main seal

    Can't find info and TM doesn't go into detail. I have the bolts removed from the carrier and now I need to know how the carrier comes off. I've been tapping it with a mallet but nothing. How did you guys get them off?
  5. cobra5

    Changing Rear Main Seal

    Well I'm finally getting around to getting this done but the credit has to go to my 20 yr. old son who is all over it. He started prepping the job on Sunday and when I got home from work yesterday there was a transmission on the shop floor. I went inside to change clothes and he had already...
  6. cobra5

    Question for Montana Members

    So I'm finally going to get around to titling and registering my truck. The last time I inquired at the DMV I was told that because its over a ton I would have to register it as a commercial vehicle. Today I seen one with standard Montana plates. Any of you guys run into the commercial plate...
  7. cobra5

    Need A Manual Reference

    I just looked over all the maintenance manuals and can't find the procedures for replacing the rear main seal. Anyone know the manual number and page where the procedure is located?
  8. cobra5

    Help WAS needed in GA

    I seen this on another board and obviously this guy isn't a member here. I thought someone in the area might be able to help this fellow out. I did recommend that he post over here but I'm sure in the stress and frustration of being broke down he just wants to get it going again...
  9. cobra5

    Rear Main Seals

    Are there any new production seals being manufactured at this time? I'd hate to go through the work of changing the seal only to have it leak because the NOS seal I put in there is over 10 years old.
  10. cobra5

    Adding Iron Planet Section

    Since Iron Planet (IP) took over the rolling stock from Gov. Liquidators (GL), has it been discussed or mentioned about adding an IP section within the discussion section that GL is in?
  11. cobra5

    M813-A1 Question

    Looking at getting one of these 5 tons and had a question as to the amount of room in the cab. If you were to compare it to a M35, would you say that there is more room for the driver in a M813 or is it the same as the M35?
  12. cobra5

    Southern Ca to Missoula Mt

    Anyone have a contact for a possible shipment?
  13. cobra5

    Turbo Question

    The other day I had a friend stop by and was asking me all sorts of questions about the truck but the one in particular he asked was about the turbo. He wanted to know if you could hear the turbo spool up when the truck starts. So I started the truck and he didn't hear anything. So he says to...
  14. cobra5

    General Shipping Question for M931

    I thought this would be the best place to ask the question because its more about advice than a need for transportation and I see no other place to post these questions. I figured a few of you guys probably had 5 tons shipped or are working in the trucking industry and could shed some light on...
  15. cobra5

    Looking for TM9-1825B

    I sent an email to Portrayal Press but in the meantime does anyone know where I can get this manual?
  16. cobra5

    Spokane WA to Missoula MT

    Just got my EUC approved and looking for someone to ship my m35A2 from the airforce base in Spokane, WA to the airport in Missoula, MT. The truck runs and drives, I will be heading over this friday to put new batteries in it. if I don't get any takers I'll probably drive it home myself. I could...
  17. cobra5

    Spokane WA to Missoula MT

    Can anybody help get a duece picked up from Fairchild AFB and delivered to the airport in Missoula. The way the economy is I thought I'd give someone here a chance to make a few bucks rather than pay the shipping companies. If I can't get anyone here I'll go and pick it up myself.
  18. cobra5

    Multi fuel Question

    Other than Diesel type fuels what other kinds of fuel can be used in these engines? Can you use a 50/50 mix of Diesel fuel and Jet oil without affecting performance or harming the engine? We discard alot of used jet oil that has less than 50 hours on it so I was thinking about cutting fuel costs.
  19. cobra5

    Winch Repair Question

    Can someone tell me if the front winch on the standard duece is the same as the front winch on the wrecker duece? Is there a specific overhaul manual for the winch itself or is it in the duece maintenance manuals?
  20. cobra5

    WTB Jet Parts

    Looking to buy westinghouse J-34 engines whole or parts. If anyone has a lead on these shoot me an e-mail:
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