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  1. fuzzytoaster

    MRAP Buffalo Trainer

    IED route clearance was the goal for this Buffalo MRAP. From sources that messed with MRAPS they rolled off the production line due to high demand of the trucks overseas and they couldn't spare any for training so they did the next best thing. I actually found some photos of her sister vehicle...
  2. fuzzytoaster

    MRAP Buffalo Trainer

    A quick update since I've had too many irons in the fire. My tire guy came and installed some good 14.00 XZL. The truck was moved and blew the heater coolant hose which was routed along the passenger inside frame to the rear A/C system. It all will be replaced anyway and they just plumbed it...
  3. fuzzytoaster

    TX 14.00r20 Tires

    I have 7 14.00r20 tires available for pick up or freight. 5 are Goodyear ranging between 80%-90% tread, dated 01'-11'. All held air and drove fine on the M929A2 they were on. 2 tires are Michelin XL, one is 80% tread with some cracking from low air and the other is junk from sitting flat but has...
  4. fuzzytoaster

    TX 1990 BMY M936A2

    You are looking at a military M936A2 5 ton wrecker made by BMY. The truck was overhauled in 2006 at RRAD and has 7,461 original miles (about 1200 since RRAD). It came from the 115th CSH (Combat Support Hospital) Battalion from Ft. Polk and was surplussed directly from the unit's yard instead of...
  5. fuzzytoaster

    TX MTV/LMTV Boarding Ladders

    Bump before they're gone
  6. fuzzytoaster

    TX Cab Rifle Mounts

  7. fuzzytoaster

    LMTV M1078A1R - Battery Disconnect Reset Issue

    I disconnected the top plug on the reverse polarity box and it stopped acting up for the time being. Unfortunately I'm dealing with another major issue on this one but the first issue hasn't returned. The M1088A1R had an intermittent no charge light issue but only after it warmed up and the...
  8. fuzzytoaster

    Happy 2020 Steel Soldiers

    Out! Crap.. I mean IN! rofl
  9. fuzzytoaster

    What have you done to your FMTV or LMTV today

    Pulled the injectors on this C7 which wasn't nearly as bad as CAT tech videos suggested. I'm taking the injectors to get tested while they're out and yes they're numbered too. I did a ton of research on penetrating fluids and for this unseizing job liquid wrench was the pack leader. Acetone/ATF...
  10. fuzzytoaster

    TX NOS SEAT BELT KIT - M35 M813 M818 M923 M939

    I've got a few NOS seat belt kits still in the packaging, made in 2011. The kits cover MWO 9-2323-200-35-1 which was the last seat belt upgrade for the M35A2/A3 and fits other M series trucks with the same cab (M813, M818, M54A1/A2, etc). Each kit comes with a complete setup for a spring driver...
  11. fuzzytoaster

    TX Air Cleaner, Intake Housing 5ton M809/M939

    I've got 3 NOS air filter housing for the M809 & M939 series trucks. Each housing is still in the factory box with labels. Making a good Christmas deal to someone in the SS community. $100 shipped (Cont US). PM me, Paypal preferred. (click my name then "start conversation")
  12. fuzzytoaster

    TX Military Cargo Grab Handle Bar - M35 M813 M923 HMMWV FMTV

    I have a bunch of new production grab handles manufactured in 01/2012 in the US. They are made of steel, coated in green CARC, and ready for mounting on anything. Each handle is new in bubble wrap from the manufacturer, never opened from the shipping crate! Originally designed form mounting on...
  13. fuzzytoaster

    TX NEW VITON M35A2 Deuce Multifuel LDT LDS Injection Pump Hydraulic Head O Ring Kit

    You are looking at a new production Viton 3 o-ring set for the LDT and LDS multifuel engines. These o-rings are high quality, high temperature rated, and chemical resistant. If you are getting fuel in the crankcase, dripping oil, or they haven't been replaced since the Army assembled the pump...
  14. fuzzytoaster

    TX MTV/LMTV Boarding Ladders

    Christmas sale. $100/ea + the ride.
  15. fuzzytoaster

    TX Cab Rifle Mounts

    I've got a few more now.
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