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  1. gringeltaube

    1952 M35 Gasser ignition?

    That would be TM 9-2320-209-20 (Feb 1965), Section VI, starting on page 107: Troubleshooting the electrical system. (This is a 64MB manual and I don't think we have it uploaded yet, in our library. I will try later on...) Following 6 pages cover the ignition system.... (extracted from above...
  2. gringeltaube

    G pump and Hydraulic Head Removal

    Done so. Thanks for the suggestion.
  3. gringeltaube

    Drive line angle

    Yes, it is also the easiest to give it a try and see if any changes/improvement, after that. As a first step I would not exceed 1° between T-case and first portion of rear prop shaft. Ideally, this one should be like an "extension" of the TC output shaft and then the angle after the carrier...
  4. gringeltaube

    Hercules Multifuel 6 cylinder

    The bellhousing itself is an odd bolt pattern, specific for the 2-1/2ton Multifuel engines. But then the adapter ring reduces it to a std SAE#3, confirmed.
  5. gringeltaube

    Having issues removing hydraulic head

    Agree with that - although I have only done it a couple times. Now, that is funny James - even Jesus might smile a bit after that response...😊
  6. gringeltaube

    Having issues removing hydraulic head

    In his defense, I don't think that Rustystud knew about yours being a G-pump, when he wrote that...(?) :confused: In your first post you talk about LDT 465. Code G pumps normally don't come on the LDT's.
  7. gringeltaube

    Having issues removing hydraulic head

    Years ago I was in the same situation: needed a HH replacement (#HD9065A) for a Code G pump (#PSB6A 85EH 5250D1) in an LDS427-2 motor. At that time the only ones available new were the HD90100A heads, either original AMBAC-USA or their reproductions, made in China. At the end I was lucky enough...
  8. gringeltaube

    Trailer towing an M35A2 on flatbed

    Ha-ha, talk about overkill...?! ☺ Glad you got it done and better safe than sorry, I guess...
  9. gringeltaube

    M105A2 outside to outside wheel measurement

    If you want "exact"... it's 77-3/4" sidewall to sidewall; plus another 1/4" per side, for the tire's bulge (even fully inflated & empty). So you need something with a bed that is 78-1/2" wide, at least. Unless your trailer was a flatbed, it seems to be too narrow for the task.
  10. gringeltaube

    I can't post my truck in the classified section

    Well noted: Only half an hour after posting this thread you had already placed your ad. In such a case I would expect any member to simply make a short second post, immediately after, saying something like "... issue resolved, thanks" FWIW, in your profile It says Joined: Aug 11, 2015
  11. gringeltaube

    What is m1008 6.2 diesel motor worth?

    Worth to you...? Or to a potential buyer? (Big difference) I'd place an ad in the Classifieds - Parts for Sale section and maybe start at $500. You can always lower your price, further on - if no interest. Don't forget to attach some closeup pics; it sure helps.
  12. gringeltaube

    Winch rebuild problems and lack of instructions.

    Yes. Also take a flat file and check the areas around the keyways. Any burrs/ high spots there will affect the drum bearing bushings when re-assembling.
  13. gringeltaube

    M44 pole setter ?

    For reference:
  14. gringeltaube

    Winch rebuild problems and lack of instructions.

    Sure, because the keys are still in place... As I said above, first that collar needs to come off the shaft; then you can/ must pull out both keys. Make sure that the keys are not deformed or have any burrs that prevent the clutch collar from sliding further out.
  15. gringeltaube

    Winch rebuild problems and lack of instructions.

    OK, just don't force anything! The sliding clutch collar (#7538691) needs to come out first; then both keys. After that, stand the assembly upright - gear case facing down - support it with your feet and pull up the drum.
  16. gringeltaube

    Winch rebuild problems and lack of instructions.

    So, you did pull the keys out already? Does the drum move a bit at least, axially? Or does it feel solid with the shaft?
  17. gringeltaube

    A potentially stupid and dangerous... Yet AWESOME idea

    Yes, more than one... And if you put a HMMWV 6.5L N/A or turbo in there (not a civilian motor!), that would be a real upgrade and it makes perfect sense to me. Here is just one:
  18. gringeltaube

    Winch rebuild problems and lack of instructions.

    All the tricks you need to know to repair your winch can be found in this thread: Also, in this good old TM, Chapter 18 (starting on page 346) you will find very good images and detailed info on how to dis- and reassemble your...
  19. gringeltaube

    Wanted tires 395/85/20

    Fixed your location/state for you.
  20. gringeltaube

    difference 2 1/2 tractor trucks

    I think the M275A1 and -A2 both came with a vertical stack exhaust, including a spark-arrestor-type muffler (?) Also, the only one -A1 I have seen still had the Sprag T-case.
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