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  1. LibTimothy

    Free Fuel? Yeah! Free.

    Howdy Central Texas Steel Soldiers! I have two, almost full, 55 gal drums of some mixture of fuel. I am fairly sure that one of the drums about 90% diesel. The other is about 90% water. With lots of used motor oil mixed in. I don't know if any of you can use this, but it is free to the first...
  2. LibTimothy

    Merry Christmas

    Here is my Pinzgauer dressed up for Christmas. Merry Christmas!!! Timothy
  3. LibTimothy

    Pinz fun in the Texas woods.

    I had some fun last Sunday. 2012-10-21 Pinzgauer Zombie Killer Rocks - YouTube My Pinzgauer is Awesome! Timothy
  4. LibTimothy

    What does it take to stop a Pinz?

    Water puddles? No. Hills? Don't make me laugh! Quicksand? Ooops! Apparently, quicksand does in fact stop a Pinzgauer. And this was the kind of quicksand you find in old Tarzan movies. Good thing I'm one of the good guys. Timothy
  5. LibTimothy

    Pinzgauers Gather North of Houston!

    Howdy all! Well yesterday bulldawg, myself, and two other Pinzgauer owners and two members of a local 4X4 club, went to Creekside Edge ORV Park north of Houston and had a BLAST! Pictures attached. And let me mention that bulldawg (Jim) is the kind of guy who is great fun at parties. He says...
  6. LibTimothy

    Last off road trip in 2010

    I spent the last day of 2010 in one of the best ways one can spend it. I took the Pinz off road with a few guys from the local off road club. It was fun, but I pushed myself further than I expected to, especially the hill in the first video. Video: Timothy
  7. LibTimothy

    Taking the Pinz off road

    Hello Everyone! This is a you tube video of Drew and I taking our Pinzgauers off road. It was not a challenging ORV park, but we still had lots of fun. Note: If you see fingers in the frame it is because I am camera impared. Timothy
  8. LibTimothy

    Another Guy From Western NY

    Hello Everyone! I've been lurking for a long while and decided it was time to actually post something. I have a '74 Pinzgauer 712M which I really enjoy. I live in Corning, NY so I am another western NY MV owner. I have attached several picture of my "Zombie Killer". Timothy
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