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  1. Ajax MD

    Persistent coolant drip

    I've snugged up all sorts of Class 1 and 2 drips on this HMMWV since I bought it but I've got one last drip that I can't seem to stop. There is a drip behind the passenger wheel, inboard of the frame rail. (at least, that's where the coolant drips off and hits the ground) The weirdest thing is...
  2. Ajax MD

    Restoring the Deep Water Fording Kit

    My truck was a Marine truck that was re-engined to a 6.5L in 2002. It was originally equipped with the fording kit. It seems that during the reset, the kit was removed or bastardized. The most obvious differences are the short intake and exhaust stacks. These should obviously be the tall...
  3. Ajax MD

    Weepy injection pump

    Last week, I found fluid in the engine valley. We've had a lot of rain. The fluid was clear and odorless but seemed viscous for just water. I mopped up all the fluid. With the hood raised and doghouse removed, I idled the engine in the driveway and carefully watched the IP. No drips for 15...
  4. Ajax MD

    Assembling 12 bolt wheels

    Had a leaky wheel and suspect the O-ring. I have a new O-ring and I've broken the wheel down. I cleaned the O-ring groove and the outer wheel half. The -20 TM says "align the indexing hole." There are two types of 12-bolt wheels, the heavier duty wheel uses a red O-ring and has an extra...
  5. Ajax MD

    Shooting with Rapco- Tips?

    I ran a search but all the Rapco advice seems to deal solely with their rattle cans. What with the big quarantine going on, I'm not willing to travel to the local home stores for a gallon of Behr paint. I've decided that I'm going to order a gallon of 383 Green from Rapco to shoot the troop...
  6. Ajax MD

    Weepy tire?

    I have a Wrangler M/T with a slow leak. I have shot soapy solution all over this thing and can't seem to find any leaks. I may need to remove the wheel and lay it horizontally to check for leaks again. Is it common for the wheel O-rings to spring a leak? It doesn't seem like a big deal to...
  7. Ajax MD

    Speedometer calibration with different tires?

    I did a search but didn't find an answer for this particular question: When the military switched from the old 36" bias tires to 37 inch radials, were the transmissions upgraded with a different speedometer gear to correct the speedometer? I'm making the swap this weekend and I'm curious as to...
  8. Ajax MD

    Any Marines around?

    I did the light sanding trick and was able to uncover all the unit markings on my wife's truck. I wanted to record them before we paint over them. Turns out the truck was a Marine vehicle. I found "USMC XXXXX" on either side of the sling brackets on the hood. Numbers were destroyed, couldn't...
  9. Ajax MD

    Driving Techniques

    I've seen two recent instances of folks with broken half axles. Several folks have stated that this could have been prevented with proper driving techniques specific to the HMMWV, such as brake-throttle modulation (BTM). I got no such specialized training with Mother Navy when I learned how to...
  10. Ajax MD

    Tamaqua, PA to Baltimore/Annapolis or Thereabouts

    There's a set of troop seats and other large hardware I'd like to buy at this location. Is anyone swinging through PA and then heading south? I could meet at some locations in Maryland but I'm not ready to drive my 5-ton 400 miles to pick this stuff up. Please let me know your costs as well.
  11. Ajax MD

    Maryland HB1148 2020- Vehicle Laws - Military Surplus Vehicles - Registration and Operation

    I felt it necessary to start a fresh, clean thread on Maryland FMV registration to get clear of the thread drift and opinions in the old "Banned" thread. Here are the solid facts: 1. I have spoken to Delegate Hornberger's staff today, 2/25. 2. I have verified that they have included our...
  12. Ajax MD

    M813 Troop Seat Question

    I'm getting some conflicting data on troop seats for deuce and 5-ton trucks. Is the spacing for the side rack/seat slots the same on both trucks? I've read that they're different and I've also read that they're identical, it's just that the 5-tons have an additional short side rack to fill in...
  13. Ajax MD

    Cargo area/Bed blank nomenclature and P/N?

    I'm looking for blanking plates that cover the footwells of the rear seating positions. I have cruised the entire -24P-1 but I'm not quite seeing what I'm looking for. I'm not even certain they exist. Assuming they do exist, are they technically an ambulance part? We have no rear seats and no...
  14. Ajax MD

    What year is it, REALLY?

    So, the M998 we purchased was re-engined and re-VIN'd in 2002 with a new dataplate. This dataplate is much newer than all the other badly faded plates on the truck. The truck is obviously much older, due to retaining the 3L80 and crappy, low-back seats. Is there anywhere else on the truck...
  15. Ajax MD

    DOT stamped lenses?

    I did a search but came up empty. I vaguely recall seeing a post where someone mentioned buying signal and tail light lenses with "DOT approved" stamped on them. Obviously the civilian H1 would come with these from the factory but does such a product exist for the M998 composite light fixtures...
  16. Ajax MD

    Helping the Cause

    Dave Demorrow is a fellow who has been attempting to help many states craft legislation to help keep FMV's operating on public roads. The MVPA and FMV owners are not giving him the support he needs. He recently attended a hearing in Kansas where the president of the MVPA lives and Mr. Lockwood...
  17. Ajax MD

    Engine Temperature Hi-jinks

    I'm still planning a coolant flush and a thermostat refresh, but it appears that the hot running issue in my wife's HMMWV is more a case of the temperature gauge being off by 10-15 degrees. First, I have observed that the engine seems to be running cooler in general, down to an "indicated" 215F...
  18. Ajax MD

    Flaky parking brake

    On to the next problem- From my inspection under the truck, the parking brake is nothing more than a very long rod with a short section of cable at the end at the rear of the vehicle. Doesn't seem like there's a lot to go wrong, yet I experience times where the parking brake binds badly...
  19. Ajax MD

    Engine oil- Military or civilian?

    I am very unhappy with the new search feature. Rather than open up yet another "What kind of oil do you use?" thread, I attempted to do a search on it. The search engine returned a result that said "the words engine and oil were omitted because they are too common" Are you kidding me?? So...
  20. Ajax MD

    Wiring question- Unused pigtails

    In my M813, there is an unused female pigtail dangling from the dash wiring harness. The wire is #40, which according to the wiring diagram in the -20, is used for "panel lights." The sketch does seem to indicate a pigtail in the wiring harness at that point. This would seem to indicate that...
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