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  1. DREDnot

    Year of manufacture

    Wow...not much usable data on that "data" plate! All the other ones I've seen have the original serial number to give you a ballpark age from the date list in the stickies
  2. DREDnot

    Naritron Smart Start Box (new style)

    Have you messed with the fuel filter at all yet?
  3. DREDnot

    Year of manufacture

    Pic of the IROAN plate above it? May have original 6 digit serial number or date?
  4. DREDnot

    Brake Lights

    I had the same issue. It was cured with a new brake light switch. I opened up the original switch and the point of contact had years of wear and burnt metal from arcing across the break in contact. Tried cleaning it and reassembled it but no better. You couldnt get a consistent pedal travel...
  5. DREDnot

    A2 fuel tank question

    I replace my original A0 tank with an A2. It fit just fine. My three speed truck still had the original NP218 Transfer case, but that shouldnt be an issue as the A2s usually have the 242 anyhow. FYI you dont reuse the 2 metal baffles out of the A0 tank. That plastic basket in the bottom of the...
  6. DREDnot

    Tailgate Parts

    I work in a fab shop. Im all about making my own stuff...when its worth it. Big dollar...hard to find...if I can make it , I will. But that shim aint worth it. It was about $6 shipped. Its aluminum and CARC'd so no worries about galvanic corrosion. Id probably spend $20 or more chasing...
  7. DREDnot

    Tailgate Parts

    Kascar Kascar. Spacer, Plate shim P/N 12340045
  8. DREDnot

    Tailgate Parts

    my parts have arrived... that doubler angle reinforces the chain mount
  9. DREDnot

    Tailgate Parts

    I Have you downloaded the Technical Manuals yet? Get TM 9-2320-280-24P1 Thats the first parts manual. Find illustration 266. Tailgate. The following pages 266-1, 266-2, 266-3 have the part numbers. Use those part numbers to search ebay and the like. I ended up finding most of what I needed...
  10. DREDnot

    Tailgate Parts

    Yes. mine was stripped clean as well. My guess is because it had the big armored 2 man cargo MAK armor slab sides on it. assuming your tailgate came with the hinges like mine did You need... left and right chain assemblies (Item 7) left and right angle brackets (Item 3) Two angle brackets...
  11. DREDnot

    Bumper ID

    I had an LMTV that was 1MED 61MMB HHD 46 1st Medical Brigade 61st Multifunctional Medical Battalion. Headquarters and Headquarters Detachment
  12. DREDnot

    Brush Guard Bracket

    I think that's known as an "A2" style brush guard. You may need to have that winch plate style bumper to fit it on. Sorry, its the only pic I have of those mounts.
  13. DREDnot

    What's stuck in my Brake Rotor

    Ive seen differing spring steel clips and pins inserted in rotor slots like that. I have heard that certain styles are to balance out some annoying vibration in that rotational mass. Ive heard that other styles are to attenuate squealing/harmonic vibrations
  14. DREDnot

    Anyone know a great shop in SoCal for service?

    Saw this just west of phoenix saturday
  15. DREDnot

    Buyer's Regret?

    Yes. the 4speed. 4th is overdrive. The three speed is the venerable TH400. There are two main configurations. The two man and the four man There are three engines available. The 6.2L, the later/replacement 6.5L N/A and the newest 6.5L turbo There are 2 different transfer cases. The early NP218...
  16. DREDnot

    Buyer's Regret?

    If you take your time to get a good unit from the auction its really a fun vehicle to putz around in. Just add 15 minutes to any trip because someone will stop and want to talk to you about it. If you need it to be able to travel on the freeway, spend the extra money to get one with the...
  17. DREDnot

    Hmmwv is so unique. But I wonder why a few things

    Lots of crazy conjecture in this thread. The HMMWV was designed to replace the MUTT, and the CUCV. The MUTT was great offroad, but couldn't carry much and had a dangerous rollover propensity. In order to carry the 1 1/4 ton load of the CUCV it would have had to have a really high center of...
  18. DREDnot


    Ive used rapco for years. The carc substitute green and brown seem to be a perfect match. The black, though, is not flat enough in my opinion. I found that rustoleum camo ultra flat black is perfect for the black areas
  19. DREDnot

    Authentic Side Mirrors

    Yeah, it seems like one style is older and discontinued in favor of the newer style direct replacement as they are for the same application. I looked at Kascar's only has pics of rounded corners. It does list one tan one as "new style" but shows same stock photo. I am not sure which...
  20. DREDnot

    Authentic Side Mirrors

    They have an 800 number you can call for the nearest distributor. They list the TOP distributors on the website but none are really near you.
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