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  1. DatGuyC

    DatGuyC's hmmwv project thread

    I've got some projects I'm working on with my truck and figured people might not only be interested in the stuff I'm doing but could offer expertise I don't have. The main project right now is swapping in a cummins 12 valve from a 1995 ram 3500 and using the dodge 47rh transmission. This thread...
  2. DatGuyC

    Exhaust manifold to crossover gasket.

    I'm wondering if this is a standard doughnut gasket that I could pick up at any auto store. I know what the military part number is but they are about $20 each and if its just a $5 doughnut I can get anywhere I see no reason to spend extra. Part number is 12338342 for reference.
  3. DatGuyC

    np242 drive shaft help needed.

    I'm going to be swapping a np242 transfer case into my hmmwv when I do the cummins conversion. Right now the truck is a 93 m998 with a 218. I've been looking online and it seems there are a few different rear drive shafts that work with the 242 and I don't know which one I need. I think I have a...
  4. DatGuyC

    Civilian vs Military np242amg, which do I have?

    I got a great deal on what I thought was a nos military np242amg, but now that I have it apart I'm thinking its the civilian version. It has the smaller cooler loop and different differential like the civilian version. On the other hand it has the larger hole for the mechanical speed sensor and...
  5. DatGuyC

    HMMWV brake pads

    I'm in need of some guidance on what pads to buy for my m998. I have new rotors but there seems to be about a million different pads out there and I want to make sure to get the right ones. At first I was just going to go with some h1 pads but then I was reading that they don't last as long as...
  6. DatGuyC

    M998 flexible brake lines

    Came across a kit, pn: 57k3503, that looks like it replaces the hard lines with flexible ruber ones. I'm about to replace all the rotors and pads on my truck anyways and was wondering if this was a worthwhile mod while I'm in there. Did a search but couldn't really find anything. Anybody have...
  7. DatGuyC

    Couple quick questions about tires and 4 man divider

    So I bought 4 goodyear MT/R's to replace the 3 worn MT's my truck came with, but the 4th MT's was almost brand new. It says right on the tire to not mix MT/R's with the older MT's but I was wondering if I could use the MT as a spare tire so I don't have to buy another MT/R? What is the reason...
  8. DatGuyC

    A2 rear bumper question

    I'm looking to put an a2 rear bumper on my m998 and I'm noticing that some have different style end pegs. One style is round and the other is sorta like a triangle. I'm wondering if there is a significant difference between the two bumpers or maybe its just cosmetic.
  9. DatGuyC

    Fried my S3 eess

    It seems that the S3 eess in my truck is shorting out somehow. I came out the other day and the batteries in my truck were completely dead. I have the ground kit installed and the batteries are less than a year old. Even with the run switch in the off position, the eess is pulling a draw...
  10. DatGuyC

    Geared hub input seal retainer shims

    While removing the retainer to replace the input seal I broke the shims that were behind the retainer. I ordered new ones from kascar but the ones I ordered seem thinner than the ones I took off. Also the new ones are clear while the old ones are a solid brown. I'm wondering if there are...
  11. DatGuyC

    Help with transfer case input seal

    So today I pulled my transfer case to replace all the input/output seals because they were leaking pretty bad. I pulled off the input shaft seal retainer and noticed that the seal that's in there is different than the replacement I have from eriks, NSN 5330001438666. It seems to have 3 lips and...
  12. DatGuyC

    Electric wiper motor problem

    When I bought my deuce it had already had the electric wipers installed. I was using them one day in slight rain and there was a pop and something fell to the floor. After further investigation it looks like the threaded section for the nut sheared off. I haven't tried to take the motor apart...
  13. DatGuyC

    New guy, quick question.

    Hello all. I picked up a 68 M35A2 a couple weeks ago and have slowly been going through the issues I have found with it and working the kinks out, these forums have been VERY helpful. This is my first vehicle of this kind but I like to think of myself as pretty mechanically inclined and love...
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